How is your weather?


Upper 70’s today and 77 forecast tomorrow. Then rain and somewhat cooler. Nice weather for November no matter how you look at it. (If it’s global warming…bring me some more of it!)


The best red meat I’ve ever eaten was moose. I used to know a guy who hunted ON every year and it seemed he always had moose meat :roll_eyes: He had developed his own seasoned rub that was just phenomenal. Cooked to medium rare at the most on wood coals it was better than any $50 beef steak I’ve ever had.


Is it true what i read…that moose is better tasting then whitetail?

My brother in law that hunts about 30 mins south of here took cellphone video from his treestand (back when it was snowing weeks ago) of a bobcat. Must be a good year for predators. I took a screengrab from the video…it is a good size cat.



We need more predators!


Early summer like weather continues here…60s to 70ish for the next couple of days.


Gotta love that vitamin-D. Maybe the best thing for free against COVID-19.


Low 70Fs right now here with some sunshine. Rain is delayed some it would appear. This is now the 7th day in a row 70F or above. Got to be some record. I know we set a new November record for overnight warm low.


I think its pretty low production this time of year because of the low sun angle doesn’t allow much (any?) UV to get thru…at least at this latitude (45N)…maybe if you were high up in elevation it might help (Denver?).

No one mentioned it, but S California had rain over the weekend and mountain snows. Even San Diego picked up a quarter inch. I think? that is the first rain of the season for many.


my brother just shot a 700lb cow moose last month. gave me some sirloin and backstrap yesterday. guess whats for dinner? :wink: i too prefer moose over deer but i got to say deer fed on corn and soybean coming out of M.D is much better than deer from here. had some bison a friend had raised here and it was very similar to moose.


66f right now. windows open.


Almost 70 yesterday, 32 right now. Back to reality


supposed to bottom out thurs here as well. ill take it in the meantime.


I think you’re right, and most Internet sites agree with you. Be aware that, in 1918, fresh air was thought to be curative for Spanish Flu, so there’s that. If you can manage to get any sunshine at all, it has to be better than none at all — even though it may not make much of a difference compared to eating well and taking oral supplements.


Warm and sunny in the Finger Lakes in November is not usual, and we are having a near week of it. My wife has planted over 1000 garlics, and today I mowed both the lawn and orchard. I can’t remember ever mowing in November before.


my neighbor mowed his lawn today. amazing as many heavy frosts we’ve had last month!


I usually start supplementing about this time of year. I guess that is one more reason to flee the north during the winter and sun somewhere down south :desert: Set up camp in the Sonoran Desert until about March.

Raining here. Heat wave cancel…for now… GFS hints at warmth returning although not 70Fs…but maybe some 60Fs.


I got my garlic planted today! I was disappointed by a late shipment received just a day before we got two days of 4" of snow. With this nice weather the snow melted and the soil dried enough to plant. I got Romanian Red, German Red, Music and Spanish Roja planted.


BREAKING New Tornado Watch issued through this evening including Milwaukee, Chicago, and Davenport. These storms will be moving fast and there also will be a damaging wind threat. Have ways to get warnings! #iawx #ilwx #wiwx


Back to November


We had very strong wind yesterday. One of my friends had a very large specimen Bradford in the front yard was broke by the wind yesterday. The tree only had about 3 feet stump left in the lawn