How is your weather?


I saw some tornados too…


Yes,I think my friend got micro burst


So i ripped out the majority of my broccoli/cauliflower plants a few months ago but left 2 going because one was starting to head up and one was just massive… well it paid off because they both made nice heads. I think one is cheddar and one is just some white variety. I planted these things last April… I think planting them late spring might work better and hope they don’t try to bolt over summer (none of mine did). Taste is great (tried the white variety).

40Fs and sunshine today. Over 1.5 inches or rain fell yesterday/little bit of snow last night. More rain tomorrow…temps stay in the 40Fs.


Nice looking veggies…!!


Miss your comments!



CLOSE CALL! A bridge in Alexander County collapsed live on-air. Flooding rains have brought dangerous conditions across the western Carolinas. Please stay safe, everyone!



Yikes! Shouldn’t nobody have been on that!


STATE OF EMERGENCY: Dozens of people have been rescued and some are still missing after dangerous #flooding swept North Carolina.


I did a big project in Alexander Co., NC in 2012…duh.


This is terrible…

Yikes! The heavy moisture coming into the East today caused many images like this. #Sinkholes continue to be discovered as the rain totals rise. #ncwx

USA – Deadly Flash Floods in North Carolina
13 November, 2020 by Richard Davies

Around 250mm (9 inches) of rain fell in 48 hours in parts of North Carolina, causing deadly flash flooding.
Severe flash flooding was reported across North Carolina, inparticular in Alexander, Wake and Iredell Counties

and areas of Charlotte. North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) said “the rain caused hundreds

of road closures, a few interstate shutdowns and some bridge washouts.”

At least 3 people died and 31 were rescued after a flash floods swept through a camping ground near the South

Yadkin River in Alexander County. Three other people are thought to be still missing. In a separate incident, 1 person

died in Alexander County when flood waters destroyed a bridge. The South Yadkin River at Mocksville jumped from 3.5

feet early on 11 November to 24.57 feet early 13 November, beating the previous record high of 22.6 feet set in 1929 .


It’s a balmy 4 degrees here this morning


don’t send it east! :wink:


Thanks. I’ll say the white cauliflower (imo) is better the the yellow, but they are similar in most ways. I froze about half after eating it the past few days. I’ll try again next year as a fall crop. Spring is just too unpredictable.

Cold/cloudy today…light rain.

Looks nicer next week. Sun comes back, should move into the 50Fs.


Wow…we stuck right around freezing all night. Hopefully we get a nice mild spell next week.–wait the night before we had 23F… i think that is one of the coldest yet this season.


I gave up a couple years ago trying to grow cauliflower as a spring crop


BREAKING: #Iota strengthens to a dangerous Category 5, major #hurricane with winds up to 160 mph. Devastating impacts are expected in recently hit Nicaragua and Honduras.


surprise! woke up to 8in. of white stuff this morning.


That one looks wicked.


1:00 PM EST Mon Nov 16
Location: 13.5°N 82.3°W
Moving: W at 9 mph
Min pressure: 918 mb
Max sustained: 160 mph


those poor people down there! as that thing hits into those mountain ranges the flooding is going to be catastrophic!