How is your weather?


A few gusts near 30 here in my part of KY…and high almost hit 60…
tonight rain arrives…and continues…and most of what we get will be rain, but dropping
below 32 tomorrow afternoon and to 15 Friday and Saturday mornings. Probably enough to make the grass and things white, and farther east in KY will get a good snow. Ditto on into the Appalachians.


Blowing 30-50 mph, about 10F now. Only an inch of snow. Went to bed last night with 3-4" old snow on the ground, 15-20 mph winds, 50F. Got up this morning, snow was gone and temps were dropping.


A Southeaster heading for us Christmas Day…heavy winds and rain. Goodbye snow!

Christmas Day high temp forecast:

Albion, ME - 56
Orlando, FL - 53


-8 now, the high for the day all the way up to -2.


My thermometer says -13 at the moment. Thank God the wind from yesterday died down otherwise just plain forget about it


My wife side the airport here had 58mph winds. Temp went from 51F down to 6F and i think its dropping still… About an inch or so of snow but it blew everywhere.


You brave souls. That sounds uninhabitable to me! 35°F and foggy here in Seattle this mid-morning, with the sun already pushing through. Heading up to the mid-40s, which is cold enough for me :sweat_smile:


We had a white Christmas Eve morning, but with rain all day and more predicted for overnight, there probably won’t be much white left by tomorrow morning.


Was 52 at midnight, with rain all night, and morning. By 4pm, it has dropped to 30, and has been snowing for about hour now. By the looks of radar, it looks like we’re in for another 3 or 4 hours of this. Supposed to be about 15 overnight, and 19 tomorrow, so we will have our first white Christmas since we moved back here. First one I can remember since perhaps when I was in college about 35 years ago.


27 here and 16 wind chill…looks like we’ll end up with an inch, give or take. Supposed to be over by 6:30 or 7:00.

What’s amazing is it’s apparently white on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga TN/GA…and snowing at Atlanta airport!


Chilly and blustery but nothing extreme and it will pass away starting tomorrow.


Looks like the last band of snow went thru, we ended up with about 6in, more than I thought we’d get. Had to shovel the deck twice, and then use the shovel to plow a path out to the shed.

We opened presents and then I went out to check things out. Nothing like a fresh blanket of snow on Christmas Eve, so beautiful and peaceful.

Some pics from tonight -

This is our new dog Baxter, he seems to be enjoying the snow. He’s out following me around in it doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Best Christmas wishes to all!


Been 50 degrees here since 8:00pm…temps rising all night to about 55…won’t drop below 50 again until tomorrow night. Our snow is gone except for the snow banks. I feel bad for those down South where it’s snowing and cold.


Dropped to -1F here…1st subzero of the season.

Something to watch. Low pressure out into the plains. Track looks to put us in snow and then rain and then finish with snow. Could be a mess for someone. Model has jumped around a lot so nothing set in stone yet.


Forecasts bouncing around.

Originally supposed to get like 6 inches of snow, now not.


More pics from today-

Baxter doesn’t seem to mind the cold, or running around in the snow, or maybe he does…


We got a little over an inch snow total. But, it’s 14 degrees and 9 p.m. so looks like we will have our coldest night of 2020 tonight. (That’s right, 13 F was the coldest we had in all of January, Feb, Mar, or April of 2020.) It is mostly clear, so I don’t see it stopping at 14.


We got about 7" overall, quite a surprise we got that much. It is a dry snow, so it was pretty easy to shovel. Was worried about getting up the driveway tonight after having dinner with the in-laws, but no issues. Roads are mostly clear, but some slick spots here and there.

Only got to 19 today, is about 12 now, so we might hit single digits tonight. Got to go turn on the heat lamp in the cellar, it’s 35 in there now. Like you, this might be colder than what we had back at the start of the year, think we hit 10 a couple of nights then. Me no likey the cold, but beats not having to do yard work this time of year…


There’s a lot of variation in the temps tonight…at midnight…it’s climbed from 14 to 15 in Berea.
But at the London/Corbin airport it is 10 and at the Wayne County Airport in Monticello KY it is 3 degrees according to NWS, with a -11 windchill!


About 5" of snow here in Northeast Tennessee on Thurs/Fri… .Low of 6F this morning!