How is your weather?


10" so far, 1700, more later tonight. Friday forecasting 1-3", who knows, we may need more by then!!


Well, it WAS sunny here in Kentucky today. More tomorrow until clouds and rain move in for much of the rest of the week. But hey, it could be snow. I recall mom killing a copperhead snake on Dec. 26, 1966…Jan 1 2021 looks to be just as warm, mid 60’s here!

I expect some cold and some real winter in January…if not, then I might actually start thinking there is something to all the global warming babble.



About 2 inches here. Just enough to make it interesting.

Good thing the next storm doesn’t look to be as much of a snowmaker. Might have to worry about ice on the northern fringe. Good rain maker for the Ohio Valley.

NAEFS continues to show a record warm E Canada/NE us…east us for jan… Might have to wait until lat Jan/Feb for winter.


They must of found out we don’t need no more stinkin’ snow here because they removed it from the forecast. Thank You!
I will happily wait till next Christmas for winter. Looks like about 15" of snow on the deck.


First frost hunh? No white Christmas for you.
Make sure you keep sending all those fancy food pictures!! I love seeing that stuff!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, MrsG. Be safe!


Looking out the window as the sun peeks through the clouds for what may be the last time for a week or more… definitely getting to that part of winter where sun breaks are welcome but few and far between


Global view of the incoming N American heatwave. I don’t think i’ve ever seen so much red across Canada. Really got to wonder what happens when things flip back around…hopefully they don’t! This puts us into mid Jan.


You too! Promise to keep sending pics! Almost time to prue my orchard and spray copper!



Been raining for almost two days. Stops in the early early morning and be in the 30’s tomorrow night!


Up here its just days and days of clouds and 20Fs. Not much temp change from day to night. Still have snow cover of a few inches.

12z GFS shows a hard flip to Arctic air around the 15th. It’s going to show up sooner or later.


Pretty mild here, but we’re getting days above freezing and nights below. Not good cycles for the fruit trees, wish it would just stay frozen.


Sleet, freezing rain, a bit of hail, now turned into steady snow. Good day to be indoors and bake an apple crisp — and to eat some of it while still warm from the oven.


We must be having a good winter because I am irritated by a few cloudy days hovering around 30 degrees. We got 5-6 inches of snow yesterday so the ground is white again. But around mid-week into the weekend looks decent with some sunshine and hovering around 30ish or slightly warmer. Time to get back to pruning apple trees…I’ve done 8 standard Honeycrisp so far.


For the first time ever, (that I have been coming to France I saw snowflakes this morning for about one hour. They were very tiny and my 8am they were gone. Back to rain. It rarely gets this cold. A first for me!


Ok, update! Provence one day, Colorado the next. Wow, we have never seen such snow!




Ice cold!


Found this happens about once every 10 years! Glad I was here to see it!