How is your weather?


Love the tiny pouncing fox!


Then you’ll see it 3-4 more times!




good to have snow cover for a change. It’s not much, but it’s holding on.


No highs below freezing predicted through mid-January. This is really odd for New Hampshire (even southern NH).


Mostly around 40 to in 20’s at night…I guess that is ‘near normal’ but it feels like we should be colder in January. In 1977 you could drive on the lake here in Mid_January.

Maybe somebody needs to start a new
How’s Your Weather for 2021?


we’ve usually had quite a few days below 0 by now. none yet. just starting to get into the 20’s during the day. was in the thirties untill tues. most of the lakes only have 3-4in. of ice making ice fishing a little hair raising. usually got over a ft. by now.


Yeah, this is what I’d consider January thaw weather, not just straight up January.


I see minus 29.38 (F) reported in the mountains of Spain this morning…an all time record low.

What we’re having in Kentucky is typical around 40/25 in January. A far cry warmer than some Januaries in past 65 years…but cooler than last year.


We’re due to get another snow fall this Saturday, if it happens I will take pictures. It is supposed to be a bigger storm. We shall see.


This morning was the coldest in the Chinese capitol of Beijing since 1966 when it got to -27F.
wind at 40 miles per hour.


In Spain we now have the storm Filomena, which is leaving snow throughout the Iberian peninsula.
My town is 600 meters above sea level and snowfalls are very infrequent in winter.
For more than 20 years I have not seen scenes like those of today.
I have taken some photographs of a small plot of my orchard.

I have not been able to access the main plots of the orchard, as there are large stones next to thedirt road, and they are covered with snow, these stones are hidden by the snow, and it could damage the off-road vehicle.
This is something unheard of in my population.

The graft cuttings will be well lignified by the cold hahahahahaha



Very nice looking orchard


Curiously, I have many photographs of the fruit once harvested, but not of the trees with the fruit hanging.
These three are an example of this summer harvesting nectarines






Great looking orchard @Jose-Albacete! Do you hire workers to take care of it? I can’t imagine you do all the pruning, thinning and picking yourself…


Ahmad, two of my company employees are also passionate about fruit trees, and they help me with pruning and thinning.
Between the three of them it is a very simple job.
My employees Luis Miguel and Juan also have small fruit orchards (about 40 trees each), and I help them too.



Hi Jose! I am in France and looking for red fleshed peach scion wood. Do you have many red fleshed peaches? Your orchard is beautiful! We too had snow. Very rare occrance!


Just reading a little…some areas of Madrid have seen up to 20 inches of snow. Most since 1971.

Locally we’ve had 1 sunny day so far this year. The clouds won’t go away. Right around freezing for the high and low/mid 20Fs for the low… snow still around, but the roads are all clear. Looks like the same weather right thru next Friday…

Lot of ice fishing going on. I see ATVs running all over the lake. Not sure if they are driving cars out there yet (i wouldn’t). Guys fishing all over.


i fished on 5in. of ice 3 days ago. was a little hair raising. shacks are out but only in sheltered coves. some guy fell thru with his snowmobile on the same lake yesterday. luckily he was only in 5 ft. of water. no serious cold here either. supposed to warm up to freezing by mid week. we are usually playing with -20f temps this time of year. been cloudy for the most part. not much snow either.


It was a beautiful morning in North Florida.