How is your weather?


What kind of mushroom you got growing there?


Ha! That’s a lease land spot for hunting. I did notice the mushrooms to and they are quite big on a decaying tree but I have no idea what they are.


Love those pines!


Unusually chilly for Uzes, and has the Natives in a Twitter! They are worried about their vines! The stonefruit trees are loving it. I have never seen more buds on trees than I every saw in RI. My trees in pots will be in full flower. I will know when pruning, end of this month if my Apricot died or not. I hope it didn’t removing it will be a real pain and I will have to buy a saw. It is in the very low 40’s to 30’s at night. My heating bill should be interesting!


Snowing here in the midsouth this morning. Not rare. The average annual accumulation is around 3 inches.


Are those loblollies?


Winds are back out of the south in S Florida. Should be a warm up now. Been cool down there. I have some family down in the keys the last week (i think they were back today) so i’ve been watching the temps.

Sun today! Nearing 40F right now. Feels mild out there. Still snowcover, it’s about enough to keep the grass covered and that is it.


Rain, rain and more rain today in Seattle, but looks like a glorious mid-week sun break is on tap. Might have to play hooky and go for a hike somewhere.


I love it when tropical folks experience snow, but not in my state!


I really dislike winter! If it wouldn’t snow again this winter i’d be a happy person. Speaking of. We have had a good melting and a lot of grass is showing again in areas. Temps right around 40F the past few days. Having said all that… there is 4 to 7 inches of snow in the forecast starting today :frowning: :frowning:

It seemed like as i hit my 20s my whole view of winter changed from one of slightly positive to 100% negative :slight_smile:


It’s still a positive if you can hibernate and not have to get out in it! (And if you have a warm place for the hibernation.) Now–if you were General George Washington’s troops marching with rags on your feet in the snow at ValleyForge and spending winter in a tent–we don’t appreciate what we have sometimes.


There was a recent article about maybe a human species that hibernated at one time (long long ago).

Sounds like it wouldn’t be good for the kidneys. Bears have the ability to regenerate kidney tissue so they have us beat on that one.

We have a lot of snowbirds that run south for the season (my mom’s best friend goes to Ft Myers). I was just behind a car with Florida plates the other day. Still a few around…they must have not got the memo :slight_smile: If only i bought bitcoin when it was $1.


Ya, like SW FL :grin:

My wife and I plan to get out of here for at least a month, hopefully 2 when we’re both in our 60s.


Not to get off-topic, but I bought 5.89 BTC when it was at $7, then encrypted the wallet and lost the passphrase. I’ve tried every brute-forcing attack imaginable (billions of passwords) with no luck. So, there are worse things than having not bought it then! Just think of the greenhouse I could build with that…


We have 3-6" with blizzard warning starting this afternoon. I’m officially ready for spring.


I just read there is some German guy who has over $200 million in a wallet and doesn’t remember the password and he has 2 attempts left (he had 10 attempts before it locks forever). Passwords suck. I know some guy years back was digging up a landfill because he thought his hard drive with his wallet is in there full of btc. I think there is 100+ billion worth of btc that is lost forever (at current values). I never bought so i never had skin in the game.

Still no snow here.


Florida’s a fine place to visit…but not all that impressive after you’ve tried living there awhile.


I gave it a serious look at $800…decided it was too high. I take some risks but putting money you need in some scheme isn’t smart. However, I’d be much richer if I had.


Supposed to be 71F on Monday… I predict I’ll see these morph quite quickly.

Work’s been a drag so am glad I can look forward to this :yum:


I know, when did we get so old that winter and snow lost its charm?