How is your weather?

I lived in Pensacola for a year when I was 20. Hated it.

I have no intention of living in FL, but spending a month or two each winter sounds better and better every winter.


I will never live in the South…but I would definitely be move out West again. People can poo-poo California all they want…some people don’t know what they are missing. It’s a different world West of the Rockies.

Incoming Easterly rainstorm tomorrow with high winds 20-30mph…let’s hope it makes it into the 40s like they are predicting…then we can get a fresh start on winter again.

I’m horrible at timing things. I thought the world was ending in 2005…i was 15 years too early :wink:

2 to 3 inches of heavy wet slop snow here. The roads are all wet and sloppy. Not cold though…temp stuck at 34F. There are signs of colder air in the extended, but nothing crazy. Maybe some single digits above/below zero.

California probably has the finest climates in the US (San Diego area?). The only thing lacking is being able to grow pure tropicals like coconut palms…but i think it would be a good trade off for not have all that humidity like you would find in the southeast. It was 79F yesterday in Los Angeles…

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Given that winter and snow haven’t really shown up yet this year, I’m still awaiting the charm

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Don’t get your hopes too high…it got to 17F between Lake Wales and Ft. Myers one winter a bit over a decade go…I was in the Sebring area at the time…and you couldn’t count the lizards (gecko’s?) dropping off fences and tree trunks like ripe apples in a windstorm…

Orange growers pumped so much groundwater…sinkholes were appearing all over the place.
And some fruit still spoiled before they could harvest and squeeze it for juice or concentrate.
Snow flurries as far south as Frostproof that year.
Only 1977 when it snowed in Orlando was colder.

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I’d never be able to afford to live in CA and even if I could, I likely wouldn’t.

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I’ll take my chances :wink:

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The sun has been out. It was 58 degrees yesterday (small heat wave back down in the forties tonight). For as magical as snow is here as it is a rarity, I really do not miss it one bit! Bring on spring. All of the nurseries are selling fruit trees and have them in pots outdoors for sale. Amazing!


4 to 9’’ up here tom. night. only about 6in. on the ground now. the sledders and skiers are having a fit! ice fished today on 5in. was a little nervous with the snowmobile and all. most people would have stayed off but after checking several spots before hand i knew it was good to go. :wink: 8 brook trout . kept 1 16in. male for the wife. was 30f and no wind. watched 2 otters come out of the river and play on the ice.


3-6" in the metro Des Moines area. Too wet to blow, wind out of the north about 20. Temp still well above freezing.

What’s the only thing worse than either rain or snow? Rain and snow… I hope this forecast shifts one way or the other a few degrees…

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It actually turned to rain this evening…around 37F. The roads were nasty this morning, they cleared completely with just the warmth/a touch of quick sun this afternoon.

Just looking…it was 87F today in Los Angeles…that must be near record warmth.


Light dusting … will be white on the grass and shrubbery in KY in the morning.
Then it will probably disappear except in shade of buildings or what not.

We had a brief ice pellet storm yesterday - which melted immediately on contact

40’s today with a breeze. Very chilly. Hat weather! Curfew at 6pm so you are forced to stay warm!

Roads turned to glare ice this evening. I guess there were dozens of cars off the road on the interstate up on the bluff. 50 cars were stuck on steep section of a highway just out of town.


Slightly above average, no signs of any January thaws though

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Im starting to wonder if winter is giving up this year? This clears us thru early Feb. Maybe a cold Feb is on tap, but haven’t dug into it yet. I still have just 1 day below 0F (low temp) this season.

Some powdery snow this afternoon. Not adding up to much.

same here. tonight and tomorrow night barely getting down to -0f. back to the mid 20’s over the weekend. got about 8in. on the ground.