How is your weather?

What do you hear about snow Fri and Sat for the midwest?

GFS shows 3-6 inches for N Iowa/S MN and W Wi… this season i’d probably bet on the lower amounts… Probably enough though to make a mess of the roads this weekend (sat-sun)…subject to change because models are horrible forecasting snow amounts.

4F this morning…warming back into the mid 20Fs this afternoon with strong south winds. Sunshine today… i think this is day 4 this month with some sun.

We have sun and lower 40’s now. Omaha to get into lower 50’s. Nice for them!

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We went from 4F to 39F yesterday. Stayed above freezing all night. Still 36F now.

GFS cut snow amounts…maybe 2-4 inches…i’d say this is a more S Minnesota snow but everyone around this area should get something to shovel. Moves thru quick.

I had a morning appointment and afterwards I stopped for a take out coffee. I sat on the edge of our fountain and the air smelled like Spring! It was beautiful and 58 degrees!. I have euro time down but I’m still working on celsius!


We have bud swell on Bradford pears, and I saw a dandelion in bloom today while planting purple leaf sand cherries along a driveway for a client.

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I hate to post this again… but this is just insane. We might start seeing issues to the south of trees waking up early depending on how much heat shows up. Another spring disaster in the making? Who knows. --this is the 1st week of Feb. Dark reds usually show areas that have potential for record warmth.

I still feel like winter hasn’t really showed up here yet. My wife was saying yesterday felt like March. Looking at the maps. It might be a late winter or no winter.


I’ve already got trees in bloom, should reach peak bloom sometime during the warm next week. So, I’m headed out to do a few plum grafts.

Yes, with 60 likely a day or two early next week…gotta get the scionwood cut!
Bradford pears are swollen now here in Kentucky…
but most of the fruiting pears aren’t yet.
I don’t have any peaches or apricots.

Looks like tonight is going to be our third frost (forecast is 30°F) so far this winter here in Seattle. The two avocado seedlings that I put out as sacrifices (i.e. to make room under the lights) will likely meet their maker.

we had a few evenings that barely got below 0 but no day time lows that cold. 3 winters ago we had daytime temps of -20 all of jan.and most of feb. that would be more a normal winter for us. next week supposed to creep up to 30 again.

In the mid to high 50’s but raining again. Three days in a row. A bit of wind, that is strong enough to push one side of the shutters closed.

3F here this morning. Still only the second coldest so far this season. Sunshine now but snow later. Should make the roads a mess.

I have about 20 potted plants in my kitchen. For the last 6 weeks about once a week i hear a chirping type noise. I think there is a frog in one of the pots! I hope he/she makes it. Still some time left before going outside again.


It is COLD here tonight with a howling Northwest wind. Should get down to low single digits…probably the coldest night of the season so far…warm-up heading our way like everyone else on the East Coast in the coming week.

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Looks like half the country will be warming up.


We had a low of -3F last night, the coldest temp this winter. I also had a Facebook memory pop up, 10 years ago it was -27F.


I expected the big warm up in the east after Groundhog day…but looks like it’s coming early.
Which means we hardly had winter. But, at least maple trees aren’t blooming, a couple times in the last 40 years or so I’ve seen them bloom the last week of January here.

I pulled out my journal. In 2020 I had blooms on Loring, Reliance, Ozark Premier on March 4th. By the 10th, all the rest of the plums. Is this going to be a repeat year do you think?

This… the extreme temps are missing so far this winter. Even last winter was “mild” by local standards. Its like ever since the Arctic plunge of Jan 2018 (-33F locally) it really hasn’t been anywhere near those levels.

25F …a few inches of fluffy snow overnight.

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Hard to tell that far out, but it does look very mild along the east coast, if not some record heat in areas. Maine and northwards should also stay very mild.

West coast troughing and east coast ridging.