How is your weather?

For 11 years 1985-1995 I kept a looseleaf notebook journal.
On bloom time of most every plant…

I did it because I had lots of honeybees and I’d know when to expect orchard blooms, when to expect dandelions, tree blooms, pollen sources, and the main honeyflows. Also, by looking at the pollen, know what the bees were currently working on.

Interesting…but took quite a bit of time…I don’t have those records anymore…but some of it I still remember.

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We didn’t get the low temps in 2018, the lowest we had that year was -17.5, but that was in November. We usually have a few nights in the -20’s in Jan or Feb, but we never got it.

in jan. 18’ it hit -37f. was -20f during the day for all of jan. and most of feb. with a high amount of snow. not as bad as 08’ when we broke our all time coldest record. was -50f at the big black river in allagash and over 200in. of snow. but was still wicked!

I still think the worst winter was 1996… there have been some cold year between then and 2018 but those 2 are probably the 2 coldest for extremes locally. Every 20 years isn’t too bad. We then had a winter --maybe 2000-2001 that never went below 0F until March of that year. The river was never frozen and i was out boating in Feb.

scratch that…it was 2001-2002 … .DecJanFeb …the lows were 0F 1F 0F … keep in mind the avg number of days below 0F for this area is 24 days

funny, i remember 96’ as having lots of snow until the end of jan. then it all melted down to dirt, then the month of march it snowed like hell again. we were renting my aunt/ uncles place on the lake. it was crazy that year.

Had cold and snow in KY both 96 and 94…I remember in 96 having an office in town…and spending the night in a sleeping bag on the concrete floor…so I could be/get to
Sure enough, federal, state, local governments were closed and schools out of course…but did the most business in that office during a whopper snow ever.
Closed it after that spring…too much work and no profits.

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Big snow storm is coming tonight with 8 to 12 inches of snow. My snow blower is gas :fuelpump: up. Ugh :weary:

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I had a lawn chair in my office at work for months when it snowed so much. I would spend the night there so I didnt have to drive home and then turn around and come back. Someone had to open up, and saying I couldnt get there wasnt an option. The problem was that the overhead light had a motion sensor so it kept coming on when I turned over on that gosh uncomfortable chair.


Snowing hard in Des Moines now!


The 90s had some cold winters but also some very mild ones late that decade (el nino 97) .

I remember walking over to my friends (school had been cancelled for 2 days for cold–which was very rare) and his mom thought i was insane to be outside (it was -20F or something). Another fun thing…our high school had an indoor swimming pool so depending on the time of day you had class you’d walk home with wet chlorine smelling hair that would freeze–i love swimming but man i hated those swimming classes.

0F this morning. Kids went back to school for the first time since last March.

Only showing an inch or less up here.


Couple inches here, less than They Said it would be. Snow kind of icy, not fluffy alas. First time this year it’s enough to run the snowblower.

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they never cancel for temps -0f here except in 08’-09’ . they couldnt start the buses at -45f. so they just cancelled for the day. i remember going to school in blizzards and helping our bus driver put on chains. we always wondered how the hell he knew where the road was! Mr. Pinette was a 40 yr. veteran bus driver that often had a heavy foot. you listened when he spoke. we trusted him completely. we would sit in the back of the bus and cheer every time he hit a drift. the whole bus would visibly twist! those were the days! :wink:

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They said it would be 10-14". We got 10.6" at midnight. A record for this day in Jan. Total amount to be determined yet as it snowed for 2-3 hrs. after midnight.

We lived in an area that was close to all 3 schools so i had to walk everyday from preschool to 12th grade. I did get picked up a time or 2 from my friend’s mom when it was pouring. It was nice though because i came home for lunch almost everyday from k thru 5th grade (mid/late 80s) and then again from 9th to 12th grade. I never once ate hot lunch in high school (although we did go to Mcdonalds a few times). Very open campus at all of my schools (middle school was a little too far to be running home and back at lunch although i’m pretty sure i did it a few times). You could just leave and no one said anything. The 90s were great for that.

Light snow again this weekend…maybe a few inches.

Uh oh. GFS shows -20Fs the second week of Feb. Yikes!

3F this morning. Sunshine.


Yeah, me too! As a 5 yr. old walked about a mile to school every day(in the late 50’s). Parents thought nothing of it. In the winter time it was up hill both ways in 4’ of snow!!


Our weather forecast just popped up on my screen. 62 degrees F in Uzes, France. We don’t even have a January thaw! So this is good news, It has been chilly, but not even cold enough to wear a hat. Tomorrow is the big marche day, every Saturday, so I will take pictures. The red currants and red raspberries are starting to show again. I have no idea where they are from. I bought a small container of red raspberries today. Tasted horrible. Way to early, probably covered in chemicals, from who knows where!

When I was a kid, the idea of NOT walking to school was inconceivable


You should see it today. There is traffic jam dropping off kids at school.

No hills where i lived, but plenty of snow.

Speaking of snow. Hawaii (mauna kea) got dumped on. What a crazy place. You could go snowboarding and in 2 hours be surfing (14,000ft to sea level). From alpine conditions to coconut palms.


It’s OK. Too expensive. Even too dangerous.
And there is more.
Some South Pacific Island would be preferred if I were looking for tropical islands with snow at the peak.

Obviously the GFS (or any model) is extremely unreliable in the 384h timeframe, but holy cow this would be very bad news for anyone in the PNW who has any kind of tender plants outside. Might want to start keeping an eye on the 10-day forecast soon.