How is your weather?


Looking at the snow maps…looks like the western side of Michigan gets a nice covering of lake effect snow over the next 7 to 10 days…maps only show an inch or so for these parts. Maybe we’ll have a brown Xmas.


Temp went from 62F yesterday to right now 23F … winds topped 40mph.

Blue skies ///sunshine.

Visible sat shows snow across a large area of Minnesota//parts of Iowa/SD/etc this morning. Just had a little dust on the car overnight around here.


Drove Des Moines to Sioux City last night. Around midnight, SC was a skating rink, getting new tires tomorrow!


Temps in the 60’s and dewpoint in the teens all day. Winds have been modest, most of the “Santa Ana” thrust has been to the north of us raising hell in San Bernardino, L.A., and Ventura counties.


Actual temp 10, windchill -15. Yippee :roll_eyes:


Crazy swings, dipped to 31F overnight, forecasting 69F for the aft. Welcome to crystal clear skies, and no winds. As posted above the dry, dry, dry, outlook continues. Not good for our “rainy season”


we had a 25 degree swing…went from near 80 yesterday to rainy and a high of the mid-50’s today…expecting our first freeze this Sunday and the cooler weather is supposed to stick around for the next 10 days or so.


Today’s view front and back of my house. I’m glad I removed the rain gutters two days ago. The snow sliding off the greenhouse roof would have made a mess of them. I’d say 3-4 inches so far. That’s a lot for us. One day of sun and it will be gone.


Typical for Spokane and early December: fog and stagnant air for a couple weeks running. Temps no more than 15 degree spread day to night. Daytime highs just above freezing Good thing plenty of rain came in November - there’s snow in the high country. Last check shows more still air for another week.


27 this morn, with the season’s first snow. Just a dusting on the grass, which has since melted. Folks down in the deep south are supposed to get more snow than us the next couple days.


What??? :scream:. Snow??? In the Deep South?


Stuck in a dry spell for the most part, though we did get 0.3" of rain earlier in the week. Typical for this year. And sort of typical for December, as as far back as I can remember white Christmases are rare-ish. Usually the snow either melts or doesn’t come until the first 2 weeks of January.

But if we do get snow all bets are off for high temps. Not much sun angle this time of year to warm things, and if there is snow the albedo really puts us in negative feedback mode.

Not much to care about for weather on my end now. Except I sort of root for early cold so we can get some hard-water fishing in during the holidays and while the fish are still active.


It’s very windy here today at the Riverside Mission Inn.


Was outside today for a couple hours putting straw on the strawberries. It’s been getting down into the 20s almost every night, so thought it’s time to cover them up for the winter. Gonna be about 20 tonight.

I had “assistance” from our cat, he was actually more of a nuisance. But, he did enjoy laying in the fresh straw.

It peaked at 40 today, but by the time I got outside it was back down to 36 with a brisk wind. Since I have virtually no “insulation”, I really bundled up: thermal top and bottoms, flannel lined jeans, sweatshirt, toboggan hat, parka, and insulated gloves. I was very comfortable, even started to get a bit warm.

Who knows what I’ll wear when it really gets cold…

The plants are now under a nice straw blanket, and I’m back inside having a nice cup of Kenyan coffee as the light fades outside. Mmm, coffee…


Wow, that is something. In Ri we’re still in the 50’s during the day.


Supposed to get down to 13 tonight, the air feels very dry outside, dew point is 9 degrees


The thermometer on the old elm tree says seven, burrrr…


Snow here in Houston TX as well.


Sadly our wonderfully mild & snowless fall will come to an end tomorrow with snow predicted Sat night/Sun. Then another round of snow Tues/Wed followed by frigid (below zero?) temps. Sigh


I saw that , amazing, a sales rep in Jackson Mississippi sent in a photo of her yard and it looks like several inches of snow.