How is your weather?


11 here last night at ten pm. Still 11 here this morning


-5 this morn - getting about a week of this and hoping it’s enough to kill off some of the pests


Yikes…we had -8F with more or less no snowcover.

Might not get above 0F this weekend…for high temps. Ugh. Looks like a slow moderation then after new years.

-36F this morning in International Falls, MN–the high temp yesterday was -12F >…yummy


Thinking the same…hope the SWD take a good hit…with no snowcover the frost will go very deep.

Guys all over ice fishing yesterday… River is froze up pretty solid.


We have snow and wind


Fairbanks, AK has very strong thermal inversions. Around Christmas at 2200 ft it was 34F just outside the city…the airport was -12F on the valley floor.

Sometimes if conditions are right (clear/calm/snow cover) that happens locally with the bluffs sitting about 500ft above me…i can be -20F and my brother (who use to live on top of the bluff) would be around 0F. Any wind can mix it out quickly so the temps become much more uniform.


Only a couple inches of cover here

I’d hope for cold to kill of the squirrels, but last time it got down to -20, they survived quite well


The ice skaters should like it


Does anybody know if temps down to 10 degrees f can damage Japanese beetle larva in ground? No snow on the ground.


We have single digit temperature this whole week, but no sub-zero day. Hope my in-ground figs can survive. I wrap them at fall and put lots of snow around them. It’s kind of high and hard to complete cover using snow.


They are probably just sitting in a warm den eating the spoils of their summer and fall raids.


I see them outside now, scampering about in the snow


One was eating a walnut outside just now. I stress WAS


3ft. of snow down and a balmy -11f! w/ -31f windshield factor! brutal!



That’s insane guys… and here i am telling everyone how it’s going to be cold next week or so…


Cold is kind of relative, folks where you are from are not quite as prepared as those in the north. I was talking to a sales rep in Tampa a couple of weeks ago and she said she was “having to wear my ski coat” to stay warm , but they have a meyer lemon in the yard so I doubt it was really all that cold , lol


19 degrees F tonight! :snowflake:️:snowflake:️:snowflake:️:snowflake:️:sneezing_face:


Here we had -14F last night. Even on the scale of 20 or so feet, I can “see” cold air being advected out of my yard since it is in a bowl. I get these double-bottomed lows often because of wind picking up briefly and mixing out the cold that has settled in my bowl. Here is last night:

The rise this evening is because we went from clear to clouds.


Sitting at 14 right now, headed for about 8 overnight. Coldest night in a couple years, as it didn’t get below 10 last winter. We’re not forecast to get above freezing the next 10 days. Coldest December I can remember here in the 4 years we’ve been here.

I had to turn on the heat lamp in the cellar today to keep our canned goods from freezing during this cold spell. The lamp can keep it about 25-30° warmer than the outside temps. So, I hope it doesn’t get much colder than 5° over the next few weeks.

It’s real tempting to crank up the heat, but it’s easier to layer on the clothes than pay a $200+ per month electric bill.