How is your weather?


If it is a choice between limbs breaking and removing the leaves I would get them off with whatever means necessary. I still have a few stubborn leaves hanging on that refuse to easily strip off.


That’s a cold walk to the train station.


A neighbor’s peach trees died a couple years ago after a spell around the -20s, but they were old and I think had borers.


Sweet (no pun intended lol). Our Navel’s are almost at prime, as well!



Naefs looks to lessen toward mid month…more typical Jan weather on the way? Maybe a little more snow too…pathetic snow year so far around here.

Cold all week.

This weather is why i have block heaters in all my cars. They start like it was a July morning if you plug them in for a few hours. I just have mine on a timer for 3 hours before i leave. I think they pull about 400watts.


Just went for a 3 mile walk in -20 windchill. I’d been too lazy to get out and walk the last few mornings, but was starting to get a bit of cabin fever. Had to get out. A bit brisk when walking into the wind, other than that it’s a beautiful morning. At the least the sun is shining strongly.


Loving all the sunshine. The best thing about this time of year is from now until late June…the days get longer and longer…


Got to -0.5 this morning, first time below 0 in almost three years. They cancelled school today because they don’t want kids out in this cold waiting for the bus. Plus some of the side roads prob aren’t cleared off enough for the busses to be on. Hilly terrain and snow on those roads are a bad combination.

I had a medical test to be done in another town today, it was a crisp 2° when we left the house. Our old dog was out in the grass laying down, guess he doesn’t mind it too much. We gave him and the cat some fresh water before we left.

Over in Ironton, OH doing a bit of shopping b4 we cross over the river to Aldi’s, Rural King, and then home. Sunny and 18 at noontime.


Chinook be a blowing out in the plains of South Dakota…always love winters out there where temps can go from -35F this weekend to probably 50F or better by late this week. Already warmed up 43F from late last night.

Above 10F here…was below 10F for 92 hours straight…ugh.

Snow tonite…another push of Arctic air right through Sat morning…then the heat wave shows up…for 2 days…back in the meat locker and then up and down…


I had a low of -25F and -26F from my two temp sensors this morning. I had about 8 hrs of -19F or less.

At least we aren’t the plains… we can have wild temp swings but not Chinook wild.


4-8 inches of snow predicted for Thurs. off to get food and wine tomorrow! :wine_glass:


Was not aware of that. Been reading up on phage treatments but am not sure that it is an option for me. Seems that phage works as a virus killer rather than as an insecticide. I assume that I would have to go to a class to be certified. For a backyard vineyard, I doubt if it would be worth it. But I will talk to my county extension service about what is available. The occurrence of Pierce’s is supposedly rare in my area. The past few winters have been mild so that would make Pierce’s more likely. Seems that every year I lose 1 or 2 vines out of my 15 or so vines The county extension service says its Pierce’s.

Are you using a phage cocktail in your vineyard?


Our farm weather guys said there might be a norester starting out east that will even give us a chance of snow. Is this the same storm?


Braced up for winter hurricane:


I really do not know! But the weatherman is now predicting 6-10 inches of snow! :scream:


No snow, but if it drops another couple of degrees here we’re going to have some real problems with ice…our company is letting people out at 2PM today…


It will run by here after dinner. 4-7" with wind over night. Hopefully the wind blows the snow off the poly tunnels and hoop house. Also supposed to be light ‘fluffy’ snow. Done securing the outside. We have had 20 deg below normal weather for the last week or so and veggies looks sorry but don’t think they are done for. Time will tell. Cold temps go into next week before we will see our normal high 40 deg temps again. Very unsual and long cold spell for here. That jet stream needs to move north.


Got down to 2° this morn, but the good news is that it’s sunny and 31 now, so today might be our first day above freezing in over a week.


Get a case of your fave vino, some of those small chickens, and some lemon bars, your set for 2-3 weeks. :>]


Or just read the manual.

Nope, but growers east of here are.