How is your weather?


4f here. got nearly 2ft of snow w/ 35mph wind over night! my truck was a 7ft. drift! took over a hr. to open the drive with the tractor! going s for the winter is sounding better al the time!


12z GFS has …mid 50Fs !!! around Jan 19th… something to watch, although i doubt we get that warm.\

The same run has Omaha making a run at 70F… lol.


Out of curiosity, do you get off work in Maine for 2 ft of snow? Or does everyone expect it to be business as usual?


Tony and Olpea will be breaking out the sunscreen…


Actually 71f all the way up here yesterday too. Cooled down to mid 60s today again.


if theres wind , yes. no wind its business as usual. we officially had 22in.!


Looks stupendous!! You’ll get along in France just fine!


Tomorrow we are expecting rain! 55 degree weather coming Wed.!



Minus twenty last night at my rural land where my PAFs are. They are protected, but I don’t cover my Nelsons or Darrows. They seem to handle the cold okay. This will be the third winter for the PAFs.


Currently 8 degrees with a hi of 12F today. It is hard to breathe in this weather. My oil tank is 1/2 full so I’ll need another delivery in about a week. My back driveway is not yet plowed, cannot get the car out. :cold_sweat:


i feel your pain! at least we’re equipped for this last storm. you folks aren’t! hopefully there are some nice young men around that can help you guys dig out.


No kidding. I’m calling my lawn man tomorrow. Not getting warmer any time soon either. Thanks so much for your thoughts. :slight_smile:


stay warm! :wink:


I see GFS shows Omaha in the 50Fs on Weds and below 0F Friday morning… roller coaster week incoming.


If I was closer I would come shovel your driveway,


Our cars look horrible. The amount of road salt applied around here boggles the mind. I can hear the rust holes forming :slight_smile:


Maybe me and moose71 would shovel your drive, he sounds like a young fellow with lots of drive, lol


Thank you both soooo much! I have my lawn man coming tomorrow! He will plow both driveways and shovel :relieved:. Whewww! You and Moose are stars!


Try a mix of road salt and limestone dust from southern MN dirt roads. Our blue car is a weird shade of whitish/green right now after visiting my in-laws “down south”.


I think you’re aware that in southern California it’s hard to drive down the highway without seeing at least one ‘lawn man’ pickup truck loaded up with various tools – regardless of the time of year. Upon reading your post I have been trying to imagine one of those vehicles with additional snow-clearing equipment on board! :joy: