How is your weather?


I finally found an open car wash tonite (they were 10 deep today…not waiting an hour to get one). Car temp read 10F so whatever the dryer didn’t get was froze, but it’s very clean now…probably stay clean for 48hrs.


Is the warm(er) air hitting you yet? It’s above zero here after dark…first time that’s happened in over two weeks. Supposed to get into the mid 20s tomorrow. That’s hooded sweatshirt weather around here after the cold we’ve had the last few weeks.


I read somewhere,that in places that use salt on the roads in the Winter and the temps stay below freezing,if a vehicle is left outside and not brought inside some place,above 32F,like a garage, that the salt can’t react with the steel and cause rust. Brady


It got to 0.0° this morn, and heading that way now, about 7 at midnight. But the good news is that later in the week we might see 60 here. About time.

Looking at some freezing rain and sleet Mon morn, could be messy around here then, kinda figure no school that day.

We have not been above freezing since Christmas other than a few hours on Wed. So, this may be the longest freezing spell we’ve had since moving here.


They have trucks with snow plows that attach to the front of the truck. They pull up to your house during the summer in gigantic vans that look like they could be carrying an Indy car. They are spotless can hold a variety of mowers and tree pruning equipment we would all covet. They place bright orange colored cones around their trucks and vans as the equipment is costly. They are so prepared.


Heat wave has commenced…my home temp gauge shows 27.5F. Thong weather for sure.

La Crosse, WI:

Since Christmas, the temperature has been below 20°F at La Crosse Regional Airport. This 13-day stretch tied it with similar stretches in 2000 (December 17-29), 1982 (January 6-18), and 1918 (January 8-20) for the 13th longest stretch of days with temperatures below 20°F. This was the longest stretch of days with temperatures below 20°F since a 13-day stretch in December 2000 (December 17-29).

The average temperature during this 13-day stretch (December 25 through January 6) was 0.8°F. This was the coldest 13-day stretch since 1996 (January 25 through February 6 - average temperature -5.7°F. The coldest 13-day stretch was -12.9°F in 1912 (January 1-13).


NAEFS is showing the country warm up mid month…not sure how long this sticks around. You imagine the heat out west will shut off at some point…

Be a heck of a month to have a condo out in Phoenix…

Just looking at the 12z gfs…the 13th thru 17th has a cold shot moving in… probably see some subzero morning lows a couple of those days…maybe… then a nice warm up afterwards.


Already up to 35 now, but it was about 4 this morning. Enough to kill the battery in our car. The Doodette had to go to town to get a new battery, they said the old one had about 125A left in it. It had set in the car for at least 5 days since we last drove it, and that morn it barely cranked. So five straight days with lows near 0 finally did it in.

It was a dealer (Honda) battery, which was installed in Dallas almost 5 years ago, so that’s prob to be expected.

But, big warm up coming later this week, yay.


4-5 yrs. is about it for car batteries these days


Yeah, guess we got out of it what should be expected. It’s been thru almost 4 winters here. How long do car batteries last for y’all with your more brutal cold?

I just installed the battery and it cranked right up, but it’s already after 3. We were going on a trip today, I was wanting to leave no later than 9, but now we just decided to wait a day or two. It’s supposed to sleet and freezing rain in the morning, so we may have to wait til Tuesday.


Same here – 3.6F to be exact. This is the coldest in about five years here. We are not warming up as fast as you but should catch up soon…


That is cold for being where you’re at, mid-Atlantic, almost coastal area. Did you get any snow from the great blizzard of '18? If so, maybe that caused it to be colder.

It’s funny, we were checking the farmer’s almanac, and it said very cold from Jan 1-6, and milder mid-Jan. Supposed to be 60 on Thu. It is forecasting a warmer than normal winter, but a bit more rain/snow. Hope this is the worst of the cold, but usually late Feb is the coldest.


Same as you guys 4-5 years. The heat is hard on them as well as extreme cold.


Just a dusting and it was pretty much gone before this last night. It would have been even colder if we had gotten snow…


My really nice lawnman arrived this am! Plowed the front and back driveways and will return tomorrow to make a path for the oil man! Thank goodness! I miss my husband being able to do these things. Poor dear gets lost in the house!


I hate to rub salt in the wounds of east coasters, but here on the shaky side we have balmy weather to start 2018. It is 68 degrees and my concern is that my peaches and nectarines will start to bloom and then get hit with a frost. My tomatoes still look pretty healthy despite the tips being nipped when temps dropped one night. I have to wonder if we will get sufficient chill this year.


After my paths are shoveled tomorrow, (oilman is a priority), I will trudge down to the orchard and see what is up. In the last storm my Caville Blanc d’Hiver heeled over and the stake fell as well. I really hope this cold and snow will not kill it. No one ever said any of this was easy. :heart:


I will cross my fingers for your Calville, as I am sure he features heavily in future baking plans. :four_leaf_clover:


I could only find a slight shred of blue over the next 2 weeks +
For the West by mid feb winter has pretty well run it’s course.
It’s been a 10a winter here so far (knock on wood).


Yahoo! Rain is coming!!