How is your weather?


True, but San Diego’s weather can vary widely from that in the Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino basins. I consider the GFS model for Los Angeles inaccurate for San Diego.


I’ll be hunting all week. Perfect!



The Pacific looks pretty interesting out there


Lucky you.


Just turned to snow here…temp was 41F at 6am… now 24F… on its way to 2F tonite… it was raining earlier.


Rain tailing off here, front crossing the river, bringing ice and snow, but still in the 50s

All our snow went up in fog


Just back in from a 5 mile walk in an inch or two of fresh snow and -20 windchill. Gotta love MN winters :crazy_face:


finally got above freezing for the 1st time since late nov.! rain for the next few days then another ft. of snow sat. then back in the freezer sun.!


Whole country goes on fire late month by the looks of it…

The polar vortex is basically saying bye bye and heading back to Russia for the time being…


Big fat inversion over Eastern Iowa right now. The 18z sounding in the RAP model has 850mb at +10C and we are at -10C here at the surface.

Observed precipitation: Sleet. Yuck! Previously it was freezing rain. Not looking forward to the drive home. Gonna be at the windshield scraping for a while.


I haven’t been too worried about the long cold spell to start the year, but after a two day warm up we will fall rapidly today. We’ve been 10 to 25 degrees above freezing for about 48 hours but will plummet all day down to 12 overnight. Anyone have any idea how bad that is?


Hope that forecast is accurate. -18 here this a.m. with a windchill pushing -40. I’m already sick of the cold and winter is just getting started.


stay warm and dream green! tomorrow we will be in the same boat as you! gotta love winter!


Now we get our rainy days. Always in January lol. 48F yesterday. Today back to 34 but still raining. I also saw the beautiful city of Manhattan Beach where I was staying finally got 2 inches of rain in the last 2 days. I finally understand what rain means to some, especially out west! I hope to go back this year.


Yeah…looks cold thru about Weds…nice warm up above freezing for late week/next weekend…another shot well below normal the following week and then a warm up…up and down.

During that last cold spell one of the streets in the city just north of here was shut down for a few days with water pouring out of the ground…must have frozen and underground pipe…i think they bury those things deep up here…maybe 6 ft down?>

The true cold is locked over Russia in the long range…


Beautiful day here in Boise. 52 degrees and partly sunny, very little wind. We have had a mild winter so far. Next week looks a bit unsettled, but just rain.


That’s where the true cold usually lives


In Russia, you don’t get cold weather. The cold weather gets you.


Rain today rain tomorrow! 54degreesF. Wow!!!