How is your weather?


Russia spreads from Black sea to Far East. There is Yakutsk with its -9,3C year average and there is subtropical Sochi with +14.3 C year average. So saying Russia is cold is the same as saying “USA is cold” meaning “Alaska is cold”.
By the way, when MA had -22 C it was +3 C in Moscow and mushrooms in the woods :stuck_out_tongue:. One thing though is different… When winter comes to Russia, there are no people in shorts and sandals complaining about cold - proper closing makes the difference! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, and tomorrow night it is -13C again… My blood pressure complains to be on this Roller coaster…


I was attempting to do a kind of joke called a Russian Reversal that was very popular during the Cold War:

Example: In America, you can always find a party. In Soviet Russia, the Party can always find you!

So, in America, you get cold weather. In Soviet Russia, cold weather gets you!

Maybe my joke wasn’t very funny… :yum:


I didn’t even respond to you, I responded to common idea,:grinning:. But when you explained the roots-it is funny) sorry if I was offensive))


We are having wild swings- like spring yesterday with a warm and very heavy rain. It melted all the snow that preceded temps that got to a -13 according to my cheap digital thermometer, which means it is either inaccurate or I am blessed with the worst fruit growing spot in my area. All weather underground sites except one nearby are 3-7 degrees warmer- and I’m not even at the base of the hollow where I’m located.

Now that the snow is melted we are going to have lows near zero this weekend. At least all the water in the soil will make temps more stable where the roots are, but snow would be much better. This is tree killing weather.

It will be interesting to see how the lows affect stone fruit flowers if we don’t get any other flower killing events. When you have multiple killing events you never get to know for sure whose responsible. I’m just not able to get solid info by inspecting flower buds. Guess I check some CA nect buds today to see if there’s any browning of ovaries.


No, I wasn’t offended at all. I just explained because after I posted it, I realized it could have been misunderstood or taken the wrong way. I have the bad habit sometimes of joking first, and thinking about it later. :wink:


Will tree hardiness be affected by such a brief warmup? It was only a couple days.


Yeah.not a fun place in the winter except for the Black Sea areas.

International Falls, MN was -35F this morning.

It was -7F here…

Garage was 10F …outside was -1F when i left…so it does stay a tad warmer int here…no wonder my trees always do fine overwintering inside. The containers are hard as concrete right now.


I’m not talking about the warm up or even primarily fruit trees, only extreme cold with no snow cover. This can kill trees in shallow soil, but I don’t know if the weather we are going to get is that dangerous, I really don’t know.


58 F today 27 F tomorrow!





I thought it was!


Our lemon mint marigold and our apple trees haven’t figured out its winter.


we’re back in the freezer. 0f for a high today. getting down to -15 tonight.


Bizarre weather for us this past weekend. Forecasted to be upper 60’s and sun, but the wind was coming in out of the east (oddly) blowing valley/tulle fog, into our area. Never got out of the 50’s…and Sun? what sun!


Had to take a different way home from OK. We usually go up I44 to St Louis, then I64 to east KY. Well, this morn, parts of 44 was covered with snow from the OK border to Springfield.

So, we took a more southerly route. That is, down to I40 thru Ark and Tenn. It adds about 100mi to our route home. Saw maybe ten abandoned tractor trailers that I guess had slid off the interstate in west Tenn, and are in the center median. Heard that it was a real mess here a couple days ago.

Hopefully we can stay ahead of tomorrow’s snow on the way home. So very tired of this weather. It’s been dogging us both ways…


Cold and snow this weekend. Did get up to 15F yesterday, but 5 inches of powder snow fell…pure fluff. First real snow of the season.

Next weekend is looking interesting with GFS showing a bunch of precip…should be snow. Temps stay mild ish


Saw photos of that - big mess. They said “40 cars” but it looked like mostly big rigs


70F right now, 15 tonight, and a high of 24 tomorrow. Just another day in west Texas.


Keeps saying it’s about to stop snowing, but it keeps going