How is your weather?


We didn’t see many cars, but it was dark, so we might have missed them. Hard not to see those big rigs turned over in the dark.

We got home about three hours ago, after driving almost 940 total miles. Glad that is over with. We had to take a different route thru south KY to avoid more snow, but didn’t see any more bad weather. Thankfully it stayed around 40 all day.

We got to the bottom of our driveway at about 5:20, but didn’t get to the top of it until 6. That’s because there was about two inches of snow on the lower part of it, and the car couldn’t get more than 50ft up the hill without it spinning out. And this with our front wheel drive Accord. Once it stopped going up, it would slide back down the drive. Quite frustrating and a bit scary. After 4 tries I said enough.

My wife went up the hill and got some road salt and a shovel and tried to clear me a small path. I tried it again, and then I was able to stay at that spot. Then I put it in 1st gear and gunned it, and with wheels spinning furiously I slowly made it up the final 50ft and hit some of the gravel, and finally made it to the top!

We unloaded the car and cranked up the heat, and turned the hot water tank back on. Our cat came out to see us, but the dog didn’t, which is odd because he always greets us when we come home. After unloading stuff, I went down to the barn to see if he was in his hay manger, which he was. He appeared to be OK, but maybe spooked. I found a bag of fertilizer laying by the barn ripped a bit. So we’re thinking he might have got jumped by some coyotes. He came in house like he was scared. So, who knows.

But, after all that, it’s good to be home. Back to the grind. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get down the driveway. Plus, we’re supposed to get a couple more inches tonight.

I. Hate. Winter.


I just checked the Missouri DOT site to check on the road conditions. The route we usually take is US 60 thru the Ozarks. I see that it’s still snow covered from west of Poplar Bluff to the Illinois line, plus I55 is covered for about a 100mi stretch. Glad we didn’t go that way!

How are the roads for you MO homies on here (@Derby42, @Jwsemo, @Bede, @Borer_the_explorer, @olpea)?


That would drive me nuts!


I do too!


Here is how our drive home looked today. My wife snapped this while I was driving. This is one of those spots you shift it into neutral and tap the brakes as you slowly creep around the corner, then as you make it around the corner you shift back to drive a get your speed up to make the top of the next hill.


Yikes! That looks scary. Much worse than what we had to deal with. That looks like a “puckering” situation.

We had a few small patches of snow up on the ridge about 7mi from the house, but not too bad. Until we got to the driveway…


In my part of Missouri the roads are fine. We only got a couple of inches.


Yes , it kind of stinks when it snows but that is a price I pay to not live in town. It is nice most of the year.

Where mom and dad live they have a dirt driveway a quarter of a mile long up hill. When I got old enough to drive I got stuck on it almost every winter at least once. I would just pull over to the side after a few try’s and park and walk it.


That’s insane!


@subdood_ky_z6b ,

The roads weren’t bad here either. Borer and I are in more the central part of MO. I’m in the extreme westcentral part (right on the KS/MO border). I don’t think we got the snow which was further south. It is cold here this morning. -4F right now.


I live way out so my road is gravel, and it’s a sheet of ice now. We just got 5 more inches of snow last night. It’s 3 degrees


Woke up to another inch at least and it’s still coming down. The driveway is covered again, so it looks like I’m not going to the doc today, not with it being a 50mi trip one way. Glad we got home when we did.

I’m going out to check the roads and other things, but right now I got to deal with a drain issue. The washer drain is backing up thru the drain pipe into the utility room. I believe the main drain under the kitchen sink is the culprit, as the washer line empties into that.


Wow, that’s a lot for your area isn’t it? Are you in the Ozarks, or in the east foothills of them?

It’s only 18 here, but it was actually close to freezing at midnight. So, this snow isn’t melting just yet. But we’ll be in there 50s this weekend, so it’ll just be a muddy memory then.


It looks like west KY and TN got a lot of snow too. Any reports from @zazlev, @Lucky_P, @tennessean, @thecityman, etc?

School cancelled in our county today, along with just about everyone else around us.


GFS has a pretty good size storm late weekend …something to really watch…temps look very iffy… almost want to say mainly rain here changing to snow…nice warm up between now and then…should run towards 40F late week. The extended looks much wetter then it has been around these parts.

About 5 inches of fluff on the ground up here. Roads were horrible last night, but not bad today.


Yep. 3-5 more inches last night. Fort Campbell once again closed for all except mission essential personnel. I’m no longer mission essential so will be enjoying another day off. Friday was off too. Looks like snow will stay away for a while now but I have a hunch February and March may have some more snow days in them. Fruit trees getting a real good deep sleep unlike last year. I think that’s a good thing. :+1:


Just watching the 12z Euro roll out… This one will be good to watch. Should have Gulf of Mexico moisture feed…plenty of liquid to play with… Lots of mild air however…so it’ll be tricky to forecast this one me th inks.


Here in the mid-south (near Memphis) as it called, it was a blizzard by our standards. 2-3 inches on top of what was left over from last Friday.

Schools are closed. Roads are mostly clear but I am not going anywhere. Temp at 15F.


YEP! We got another 2-3 inches last night/this morning above what we already had, but some of that had melted so we are at about 4-5 inches I’d guess on the ground. But for recent years, that is a lot. I even went to a local hill where sled riders gather and I went sledding and playing just like a little kid. Except at 48 I sure can’t climb back up those hills like I used to.

The big thing here is the cold. Its 12 degrees now and suppossed to be 0 tonight. We haven’t got to 0 in a few years, and even then its usually for one night and then back up to the 20-30s. This time we’ve been in single digits several nights over the last week or so.

Last night as a lay in bed thinking about the cold, I remembered that one day this summer my tractor overheated for some reason and about all the water boiled out. I was in a hurry and filled it back up with water and the plan-of course was to add antifreeze later. YOu can guess the rest of the story…its the last I thought about it until last night.
We’ve already had nights down to 6 degrees, so I’m sure whatever damage I will have has already happened. I’m very non-mechanical, but I knew better than that. Now I’m left wondering if I’ll need a whole new motor, radiator, or what? I’m just sick. Someone at work today said some newer tractors have sort of a pop-out valve that is intended to protect tractors from freezes but that they don’t work many times and may not even be on a small tractor like mine. I’m just sick at my stupidity!


I believe you would call them freeze plugs, you might google the model you have concerning freeze plugs and see if a “fix it” type of thread can be found. I would think that if a motor is big enough to need water to cool it that it would have freeze plugs. You might also have more antifreeze in it than you realize if it did not all boil out