How is your weather?


I only barely remember the first house I lived in, with the coal-fired furnace

And a few years later, houses that no longer burned coal still had the coal cellar and the window for the chute


That is a pile of wood , we measure wood here by the rick or face cord which is not a true way to measure but that is how it is here. On a cold winter I burn about eight to ten rick of 18" oak. Here is a funny story, a friend of mine was helping a guy cut some wood. Ray told him that it had to be real short to fit into the stov, so the were cutting it in little pieces less than a foot long. My friend said it was crazy to have to cut it that short and that he had never seen a heater that took such short wood. When they hauled it to Rays house , Ray took some in to put in the stove. It was a warm morning stove that you load from the end ( don’t know if you ever saw one) and he said see the door is less than a foot wide. My friend said yeah but the fire box is 18 inches deep , you supposed to put the wood in long ways. Ray couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of that, lol


This is our 2nd snow. The first was a blizzard (intersection of low pressure circulation moving up the coast with high winds and a arctic clipper. That dropped 8") Here we got about 4".
Beautiful, kinda erie, so quiet, almost anechoic. Just standing and taking it all in is awesome. Love the winter. This is just before sunrise.
We’ve had a much coolder winter than usual. Happy to be inside cooking.


Naefs continues to show the warmth around the lakes/northeast late month.

This weekend still looks all rain around these parts…areas from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis look snowy…maybe a foot or more in some areas…wet heavy stuff too. Very mild temps on the way. Talking 45F here Fri/Sat… shorts weather.

Was listening to talk radio and they were saying most of the state of Wisconsin the snowmobile trails have still not opened, except in the far northern counties.

The cold front that was in the Gulf of Mexico has cleared the Yucatan and all of Florida over night …Temp in Miami was 44F this morning…Key West is showing 60F for a high today…brrrrr


Yes. I plan on painting those trunks soon. I got the trees from bay Laurel and I was reading the literature they sent with the trees; seems they will not warranty the trees if you do not paint the trunks!


was 27 degrees this morning, although the car said it was only 29…ahh what’s 2 degrees?? with our humidity the feel like temp was 21 when I left the house…we’re in for a big swing, it’s supposed to get up to 70 this weekend…


Behind the retreating cold blast through the south, we have west winds blowing over the Black Hills causing some Chinook winds to blow…resulting in some very warm temps…

And hey…Key West, FL this afternoon… warmer in South Dakota!


Wow was it cold in the south…freezing line got pretty far south into Florida. The coconut palms along Miami Beach were probably crying.


thats funny! can’t imagine trying to stack 12in. long wood!


Yikes…just need to be 600 miles west of here…some of that warmth will be in here Friday/Sat…melt off this yucky snow.


:disappointed_relieved:. I would have been scared to death.


Yes, that was a pretty bone head move, it’s a wonder I didn’t burn the house down


27 this morning. my lawn is practically white now…as I mentioned before this will probably be our last sub-freezing day, but it’s certainly done a number on the landscaping…


So when was it last this cold down there? I remember going to S Florida maybe Jan 2009 or 10 and it was in the 30Fs in Key Largo one morning… we tried driving down to Key West that day but turned around because it was too cold. The nice thing is it warmed up quickly and it was near 80F in a day or 2 and i think after we left it warmed even more to above normal.

Not much of anything here other then rain, but Minneapolis and others better keep an eye on this weekends storm


If memory serves I want to say around 2008. We may have had a few cold days here and there over the last several years but nothing like the recent stretch with the consecutive cold/sub freezing temps that I recall…


Forecast calling for 1-4" here right now. My guess is the forecast amount changes at least 2 times between now and Sunday.


Yeah…snow totals jump all over…very difficult to pin down a number…a degree or two can make or break a big storm…

i’m a little worried about this more then anything…GFS not showing this, just NAM… still something to watch.


Ya, that looks ugly. Misses me though :grinning:


I totally forgot there was a digital thermometer. Happy to report things are warming back up. We are finally getting a lot more sun. A couple more days of rain this weekend. Spring is almost here for some of us :stuck_out_tongue:


Still way too early in the winter to call the sub freezing days over, in these parts. And in N Florida I’d think as well?