How is your weather?


The Euro looks south this afternoon…so that might shift the heavy snow south. I’ll take snow over freezing rain.


I knew the forecast would change…now it says no measurable snow. It’ll change again I’m sure


17 shouldn’t hurt the roots anyway.


Today’s weather + forecast.


16 below zero Wednesday morning, now it is 60 sunny, back in my summer shorts while checking on my trees this afternoon



Been sunny and warm (50’s) for highs the last three days. But a front is moving in, temp dropped to 26F, clouds and fog. Supposed to get 6" to 1’ of snow tonight and tomorrow. If it happens as predicted it will be the biggest snow we’ve had all season.


No not at all. Our winters aren’t like they were in the 70s 80s 90s, when it snowed constantly. But I have a feeling the weather may be cycling back


Just south west of cape girardeau, right on the north tip of crowley’s ridge. Hot as you know what in the summer, and the damp cold in the winter. I’ve been places up north and in the mountains out west , and it’s amazing how much colder it feels here, the extra humidity in the air is bone chilling


Ok thanks. You’re practically on the New Madrid fault line then? Didn’t y’all have about a 3.5 quake last week?

Yeah, I get that cold damp wind being worse out west. It’s been in the teens and twenties here with wind blowing, and it’s not too bad. But when we were back in Oklahoma last week the wind had a “real bite to it” (as my Mom calls it), even tho it was just in the 30s.

It’s very nice here today, almost 60! Just about all the snow is gone now, and the drive has turned from a snow packed rink to a muddy mess now.


It’s a heat wave this weekend I had to take off my coat! 60 degrees F today and 70 tommorow! Hard to believe -9F was so recent.


71 degrees and just beautiful here…


Rain and 38F right now…what a disgusting day…the snow that was on the ground is mostly gone, now its just ice sheets with rain pooling on top of them…ground is still very much frozen. Streets are flowing like a summer time thunderstorm.

70Fs moved up into Missouri yesterday…the cold was lurking in Ontario, Canada


Blizzard condition right now. All public schools are closed. It took an hour to drive to work instead of 30 minutes. Crazy weather year for sure!



All the schools north of here closed last night, but our school district has off school for some other reason… NWS minneapolis has out this graphic…seems about right.


Not even a flake or a drop here about an hour NW of St. Cloud. Fine by me


The nice thing is the forecast shows almost 50F by Friday…so some mild air ahead.


Riverside Park this morning in La Crosse (Mississippi River in background)


NOAA says this week is the peak of winter in the continental U.S. But here in San Diego county, the local markets are offering vegetable and herb plant starts outside their entrances.


You haven’t had any winter yet and I don’t think you’ll start now.