How is your weather?


Well its going to be 25 today and 34 tomorrow then its a 3 week stretch of teens during the day and singles at night.

Fruit tree spurs are abundant right now. My commercial orchardist friends here in W MI (lake mi lakeshore) are saying if we don’t get any ill times frosts it’ll a monstrous cherry, peach, & apple season.


We’ve had cold mornings(near to below freezing) and warm afternoons(60s). My figs are waking up and green buds are already appearing. They have lost their minds! Our 10 day forecast is already showing the possibility of a freeze down to the low/mid 20s within the next week and a half.


The cold has returned!
Just after 2pm today]
Greenhouse is doing much better after the insulation I put around the door.

Veggies coming along one week after planting. Garlic, radishes, peas, lettuce and carrots


Meanwhile, our overnight low was 60F. Not a good omen. :frowning:


Five below here last night.


I think this week of single digits will convince the buds to lay low


I had 3.3F when i left this morning…it was cooold. Warmed up though today…clouds moved in …blah.

Starting some seeds already.


29F 4 inches of snow! The song of the snow plow rolls past my windows!


It’s 74f here today. INSANE!


-15f last night. single digits today. another month of this and it should start going the other way.


60 degrees here today then cooler the rest of the ten day forecast


February here in NorCal is starting off like April: 75 and sunny. How long before they start banging the drums of drought again?


As soon as it turns hot and the fires start again.


Most of the country looks droughty now

Some snow would be nice


Still mushy underfoot here. It’s warmer today, almost 50 but very windy. Got down to 23 this morn. But it’s supposed to turn colder with a chance of snow this weekend. Will have to deal with this for another month, and then maybe it’ll turn a bit warmer. I know I’m ready for it already.

We have been here 4 years, and I don’t think we’ve ever been in drought conditions. It rains so much here in the spring and summer, no wonder it’s so humid. Over the 4 years we’ve grown gardens, I think we’ve had to water them maybe a half dozen times.

After living in the brutal heat of north Texas all those years it’s quite a difference.


High of 2 today. Windchill -28 right now. 10 day forecast has no highs above 12. Yippee


Looks like the white stuffs are heading my way from Saturday to Monday. More moisture for the farmers next Spring.



I’m sitting here across the border in Mexico—84F and rising… 20 degrees warmer than a warm day where I live )and 500+miles south


California State officials say the snowpack is less than about a third of normal for this time of the year.


Here in Salt Lake City, we just had the 2nd warmest January on record… going back 65 years!