How is your weather?


Snow tonight and tomorrow!


warmwxrules SoCal just looks like it’s going to seasonal from what I saw on the two week forecast.

Things are warming back up here. Next three days are rain high 40’s to low 50’s
Last few days were nice in the GH 70 degrees in the shade it looks like the citrus is coming out next week!


To the left of the vertical gray line are actual temperatures but on the line and to the right are predicted temps.



might hit near 70 in central maine next week but the front doing it is passing just to my south. most we’ll see is low 30’s. figures! probably for the best as temps that warm would cause massive flooding with our snowpack. they are predicting that in the bangor area!


Mrs. G.,

How much did you get? We got about 5” last night, more than I thought.


We got rain!


Freezing rain and icy road. Lots of cars in the ditch! I pushed the 4X4 on and drove 35 mph on the 70mph speed limit. I made it to work without an accident. Thank goodness!!!



55 already this morning (10am), and warming up quickly via a brisk south wind. Supposed to get to 71 today, and 79 tomorrow, with no rain until Wednesday. But, it’s supposed to rain off and on thru Sunday. So tired of all this rain, enough already!


Rain here, too

Going direct from snow to rain - must be spring


It was warm with thunder storms here today , felt like April. Back to winter mix on Wednesday


pretty warm/dry stretch over the next 10 days. hoping spring isn’t too dry…


Windy, low 60’s and dry here.


Windy , high 60’s and rain here. Odd how we can have a day with temperatures so close but with climates so different.


Got back home yesterday after spending 6 days in sunny, 80-90 degrees Jamaica :grin:

Much warmer here than it was before we left (-17ish), but still…fresh snow and temps in the teens are great reality checks.


I sure hope this doesn’t happen for the second year in a row.

From a local weather station in KY/TN area.

“Just saw latest long range models. After near record warmth through the end of February, and everything starts budding out, the second week of March looks horrible. Extreme cold arrive after March 4th as winter makes a hard push back into the area. Any plants that have started budding out will be severely damaged.”


No, no, no! If it happens to y’all it’ll be where I am the next day or so. That was us last year, too.

Our temps are insanely warm this week again for it being February. The only trees really far along are my J plums, though, so maybe it won’t be so bad.


Here’s what happened yesterday


66 degrees and sunshine. Feels like 80! I was sweating in my long sleeve shirt and had to switch to a T shirt. Did a dormant oil spray.


Got to 77 today, very nice, but also very windy. I would say we had gusts up to 35mph. Made for tough work clearing brush, and putting a gate on the deck.

But, the rain’s coming back tomorrow and is supposed to last thru Friday. The wind helped dry out things a bit, but it’s still way too mushy underfoot.

It’s supposed to be in the 60s the next few days, but back down in the 40s next week, so hopefully this brief warm spell won’t wake up our fruit trees too early.


Richard, I see Vista is under a frost warning for tonight according to the NWS. You must have a great micro climate, as I see many PWS in Vista went <30F last night.