How is your weather?


Yes, at lower elevations in Vista they definitely went under 32°F. Overnight the temperatures at my location took a slow slide from 40° at 2am to 35° at the 6:30am sunrise. For the coming Dawn I’m expecting temps no lower than 40°.


The wonders of elevation strikes again. On nights like last night they can be a savior. Looks like the rest of our week has no warnings either. Thank god. My bananas took a slight hit 2-3 leaves are already getting a little rubbery. All my citrus including Mexican Lime never even blinked lol


High of 70 on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were a high of 20 with snow. Lowes around 0 both days.


In my opinion, Lowes is always a zero. :joy:


Yesterday noon we reached a high of 59°, then slowly decreased to 37° at 2am. The wind started up a little at that point and the temperature began increasing. This noon we’re back to 53°. It’s also been dry although today there are some icy clouds overhead.


High of 81 today in Arlington, VA, zone 7A.


For fruit trees this is the worst winter I’ve seen in west Texas since 1971. Our winter lasts from mid Nov to mid Febr. That’s 13 weeks. Weekly highs have ranged from 66 to 86, lows 10 to 28. Weekly difference between the high and low averaged 54F. So it was either too warm or too cold for chilling. Even my low chill outdoor nectarines have only about 5% bloom. I don’t know what happened to the other 95%. Maybe not enough chilling possibly freeze damage before swelling.

Usually we only hit 70F a few times in winter. This yr 37 days of 70F+. There were 43 days below freezing.

We had four magical days all winter when it stayed in the chilling range, below 60 and above 32, all day. That’s pathetic when we average 60/30F in winter.


The winds here were too lite to get much benefit last night. But at least no frost either. I’ve had enough of this arctic outbreak!


But we are talking about texas lol




And here in east Texas it has been really cold and more consistently cold than it has been in a couple of years. Right now we are 35 F and pouring rain.


Yes it’s been more consistently colder east of here. We are often right on the line between warm and cold. The cold backs in from the east for a day or two like it is right now and then backs out again and we are off into the 70s. We were 75 yesterday and 30 at the same time today. We’ll be 70 again by Friday.


after 51 deg. new record high yesterday, back in the freezer w/ hi in low 20’s today. was nice while it lasted. dropped the snow pack some.


Zero again last night. Snow expected today.


4-8" tonight and another few inches Saturday/Sat. night. At least it looks like the below zero lows are done for awhile.


Clear skies early this morning … Janet managed to catch the Falcon 9 launch and 1st stage separation 250 miles downrange from us.


74F yesterday
32F and snowing today…
How is our weather? Go figure!


At this point I’m surprised none of my trees have floated away. This rain here in my part of Texas is crazy.


Wet around here… Snow/sleet/ice…rain coming Saturday… A lot of yards look like ice skating rinks. Almost no snow, just ice. Should go into 40Fs next week and melt a lot of this.

This caught my eye…haven’t really followed too closely… guess winter did show up.


Got about 7" last night, sounds like around that same amount on the way tomorrow/tomorrow night. No highs above freezing in the 7 day NWS forecast