How is your weather?


I think some apricots are self fertile, some, partial fertile and others need cross pollination.

Last year, Feb was warm to the point that buds started to push. Apricot seemed to have bud breK earliest. Then, we had sigle digit degrees in early March. All apricot buds were fried. They did not even had a chance to show pinks. Peach buds are often damaged when it is that cold in late winter, too.


It’s orange red. Hopefully it won’t get fried.


I think Orange Red does need a pollinator.A Pluot may work.Brady


BUT, you will have the best Mirabelles on the planet!:kissing_heart:


Not this year yet :slight_smile:


We are in a less variable period for high temps, but we have been well above 1-SD above the mean the last couple days at around 65 and the average is 40. 1-SD is 14 degrees in late March… So really extremely variable as to year to year difference from the average.


We are in for a nice cool down. IMO it just doesn’t get any better…


I’d like to have that kind of cool here.Brady


We had 2 days in the 50Fs…this weekend looks mid 50Fs and sunshine…it’ll be spring fever around here. I was out in a tshirt the past few days. Grass everywhere except the most shaded spots.

Extended looks seasonal for what i can see…not warm spells thru mid month, but nothing i’d call cold either.


More rain this morning, and some more due for this evening. But that should be it be a few days. It’s going to drop down to more seasonal temps tomorrow (hi 40s/lo 30s), so that ought to slow the budding process in some of the trees a bit.

Grass is still getting greener tho. Looks like it’s even growing a bit. Don’t wanna get the mower out just yet.


I have some friends in East Washington and I’m told it’s seriously hot there in the summer. Being that I’m in the wine and liquor business I finally learned it is vastly different from the East to the West of Washington…damn beautiful place though. And producing some of the world best wines…


Must be a bad storm in store for New England, since the Weather Channel is pre-empting their usual 10 hours of pointless reality shows with the latest Nor’easter doom porn. Cue Jim Cantore freaking out about thunder-snow…

@mrsg47, @Johnthecook, @mamuang, @SMC_zone6, @BobVance, @JinMA and others up there, batten down the hatches!!

Seriously, I hope y’all come through this alright, could be nasty.

BTW, what’s up with giving winter weather systems names now?? This monster is called Riley. :scream::fearful:


Yes,eastern Washington is mostly desert,because of the Cascade Mt. range that separates the two areas and filters the amount of rainfall coming from the Pacific.
Where there is irrigation though,there usually is no problem growing things on the other side. Brady


The high tides are gonna be a”B”. Erosion bad this year anyway. Our town is just in the process of building new stairs on our beach.


Thanks for the well wishes, Bob. Sooner windy out there this morning. My orchard has a perimeter of 100+ year old trees, so inevitably in storm like this branches come down and something gets nailed.


Right now, we get lot of rain and wind. Our area is in higher elevation than John and SMC so it will turn to snow later today into tomorrow.

Like SMC said, strong wind and broken branches falling on my trees are my concern. My next door neighbor had a dead tree that he does not want to spend money to have it removed. Small broken branches have fallen on my trees a few times. If bigger ones fell, it would cause serious damage to my trees.


We too are enduring the current nor’easter…kinda like a winter hurricane. It is skimming north of us but we are getting high winds (>60mph) gusts. Lots of power outages. Not sure how the bloomin’ fruit trees will take this.


Thanks for the concern, dood, but we seem to be doing ok here. A bit slushy and windy but nothing too out of the ordinary for early March. Maybe it’s worse as you head toward the coast? Sounds like John, Steve, and Mamuang are getting hit a bit harder than we are. Or maybe it just hasn’t hit here quite yet?

Kind of happy that I got the city to come out and prune the old street trees in front of our house last fall, though. They could have lost some big branches in a storm like this. (Our fruit trees are very young and pretty sheltered, so I’m not too worried about them at this point.)

Hope everybody else is doing ok out there.

PS: Riley is an incredibly lame storm name. In my personal opinion, the people who name storms need to throw out the “Most Popular Baby Names of 2007” book and start talking with the people who come up with names for professional wrestlers or something. Maybe get lucha libre masks for the Weather Channel announcers?

PPS: Just to clarify, Riley is a perfectly fine name (I have a cousin named Riley, as it happens). Just not for a storm. Also, thanks to @JustAnne4 for that info about the naming protocol and about the situation in DC (see below). Hope everyone down that way is doing ok!


Now you are thinking; that would certainly help with their ratings!

We are sunny and seventy’s here in South Central Texas. First two consecutive sunny non foggy misty drizzly days we have had in weeks; and I’m loving it!


Yeah, having old rickety trees towering over your little trees would bring plenty of angst, I’m sure. We get plenty of wind on this hillside, but thankfully our new trees aren’t close to any older taller ones. We have a treeline on the north end of our farm that helps keep the north winds from being much of an issue, but our worst winds come from the south. Most of my new trees aren’t staked most of the time, they seem to have adapted well to the conditions. I guess they’ve put down good roots.

We have had some big trees fall on our property though, one was a 50’+ tall maple that split and fell over onto our phone lines. I still haven’t got it all cut up. We also had a tall tree split high up and come crashing down onto our driveway. That took a whike to clean up. Our little 16in Stihl chainsaw comes in handy in times like those.

We do have a Winesap that is over 10ft tall that has leaned over onto its cage a couple times when we had very heavy rain and high winds, so it has to be lashed to a stake sometimes.

Yeah, naming ordinary winter storm systems is lame, probably done for ratings. Next step will be naming summer storm systems. Giving them wrasslin’ names would be a good idea.