How is your weather?


What I have observed is that they name ones with a strong circulation pattern around a low pressure cell. This one is equivalent to a Cat 2 hurricane. My daughter said they closed DC. Bridges and low area highways are closed.
There is a specific naming protocol for these.


we’re in for a beautiful stretch…still no chance of rain for over a week…


We are getting hammered here. Gusty winds. Took me two hours to get home. Normally 25 min. Came home to find two tees down on the property. One fell on the roof. We had just gone through a nightmare of a remodel and the roof was brand new.
Neighbor’s tree fell right in front of my eyes. I freaked out.
Too worried t lo sleep at home and no power, heat or water at home so we checked into hotel. Turned out they don’t have power either. They are working on getting the generator up. We decided it’s safer to stay here even without power.
Oh… and I got a big crack in my windshield. A snow plowed dumped a giant pile of snow on it. Probably from that. Not sure what happened otherwise.

Hopefully wind will die down and no more trees will come down tonight.

Sad thing is I had discussed those maple trees on a thread here last week and got a quote to cut one and trim the rest. Another week and those would’ve been gone.


Wow. Sorry to hear. What a day, @Susu.
We are still having those gusts up to 60 mph. Supposed to continue into tomorrow. Scarier at night 'cause you can’t see what those sounds are. Those winds woke me up last night, and you can’t go back to sleep…just listening…until dawn comes and you can make sure all is OK.
Here’s hoping your life gets back to normal soon.


Thanks Anne.stay safe.


The wind is finally slowing down in RI, for now. A light snow is falling but then there will be rain. I hope this stupid storm doesn’t ruin my buds.


So sorry to hear about such damage!!!

We are quite far inland so the wind was not as bad as what they are getting along the coastline.


Gusty and howling winds are horrible. Our whole street has no electricity. So, we have no heat for now. I think we are using all candles and not sure when electricity is back up again. I am going to restock on candles tomorrow. Most of the streets are flooded. I hope this storm is over soon.


So sorry to hear about your ordeal Susu. I hope your fruit trees don’t get affected much. I just went out to inspect my trees and found most branches covered with heavy, sticky wet snow; so I spent close to an hour brushing the snow off for fear it turns into ice overnight and kills my swollen buds (or break the branches because of too much weight and wind).


Hang in there. Best of luck,


I am more concerned about Mon and Sun nights, as the temperatures are forecasted to drop to 26 and 27 here in Wilmington, and 6 out of my 7 pluot trees have buds in the green cluster stage and my apricots are in the calyx red.


My sympathies Courtney… I have been there…


If you have a natural gas stove, you can boil water on it. As the water vapor condenses on windows and other colder surfaces it releases heat and will help keep the house temperature relatively warm.


The longest we went without power was ten days, but we had heat. We could also cook on the wood heater. No heat is bad , hope the power comes back soon


How has it been for you? Saw the news on TV last night. Anything on the coastline including Quincy looked really horrible. That was before another night time high tide.

I feel worried about you and @Courtney.


Sorry to hear Susu. I hope everyone is safe … we lost power here and lots of stuff down but nothing major. It could be awhile before we get restored, there are lots of outages.



This w as big one. Haven’t seen the waves this big in years. Where I am we very rarely lose power even though most of my town did.


Wishing all of you on the east coast calm and safe journey through the storm. And power restored soon. Don’t have much heat to send (temps close to zero this morning here) but can send warm thoughts. Sue


Still no power and no heat, a lot of trees down, but we are safe. The area looked like a hurricane just came thru…I was out driving my son to his conference. It looks depressing right now. The local hotels have the same problem so it’s camping at home right now. The little things that I didn’t about, like…taking off contact lens using 5 candles didn’t work…need flashlights and another person to help shine the flashlights for that. We will get thru this. I am sitting at my son’s sports facility, trying to charge my phone so I can add more flashlight power for later on…not sure when power will get restored.