How is your weather?


The Weather Channel did it


Glad to hear from you and @Johnthecook and that both of you and your families are safe.

We had only rain and wind (which was not as strong as where you were). We did not even had snow like they predicted but I won’t complain. Hopefully, the worst has passed for all of us.


A few big branches fell around my trees. Looks like most things are fine except for a crushed kiwi arbor and maybe a squished pear tree.


I’m sorry you folks in the northeast have gotten pounded by this weather. Looks like the storm finally moves on after today.

Since several folks mentioned they were out of power/heat I hope it’s helpful (and not rude) to mention some of the benefits of a portable generator (for the next outage, not this one) while power outages are on people’s minds.

A small portable generator (as long as it’s not too small) can at least power a furnace blower, even if the house isn’t wired to accept a generator. Many furnaces have a pigtail (or can be easily wired with a pigtail) that you can unplug the furnace from the receptacle and plug into a generator with an extension cord. Obviously if a furnace is 100% electric, a small generator won’t run it.

But at a minimum, one could run a few lights, a microwave, TV, charge cell phones etc. with even the smallest generator.

Some generators are safe for electronics, some aren’t. Even modern furnaces have electronic boards which can be fried by a generator which is not electronics safe. Inverter generators are safe for electronics.

Honda makes some small high quality inverter generators (EU series) which are very quiet, fuel efficient and produce clean power for electronics. I think Yamaha also makes some good inverter generators.

Anyway I apologize if this seems like an ad, but a high quality portable generator could make a big difference for in the life of someone in an extended power outage.


Wind is finally slowing down. A neighbor walked out to walk his dog yesterday afternoon, a limb fell from a very large tree and killed him.


Heard it in the news. It’s your neighbor!!! That’s so awful.


We were hit by the nor’easter. Yesterday morning rain turned to snow and wind got really strong!

Out of power until 11 something this morning.

Room temperature dropped to 55 F this morning. Now it’s warming up again.

Just found out our few year old gas cook range doesn’t work without electricity, that really sucks ! :angry:

The older one worked fine without power, just need to lit it by hand.


That’s awful.



Sorry about your neighbor.


Central Maine avoided most of the bad weather. The ground is 98% bare where I am but now I am off to Orlando. Got most of my apple tree pruning done before I left. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is very Windy here today and the temp is in the high 50s. I went out to check the fruit trees and saw some rabbits damaged to some of the barks of my seedlings persimmons, plums, and stooling Cole rootstocks.



It’s 76° midday here in Los Cabos, MX. We’ll be returning by plane to temps in the 50’s later this afternoon. :slightly_smiling_face:


While we were gone last week it rained a half inch. That brings our rainfall-year total up to 4.51 inches. Maybe we’ll have a “miracle March” and receive 7-10" in the coming weeks.


It’s awful. We only had strong wind and 18 inch of snow.


So sorry to hear about all the damage. Hopefully y’all will all get the power back on and things get cleaned up soon.

We had a low of 28 yesterday morning and 26 this morn. Looking at highs no higher than 60 this week, with a few nights around freezing. Hope this cold spell will keep the budding on standby for a while. Thankfully nothing has bloomed yet.


Clear sunny skies. Highs close to 40F


4-12" of snow in the forecast…all depends on the temp.


Did anybody notice that Weather Underground has issue with displaying snow/rain amount in metric system? You switch to F/IN and see it is a foot of snow expected. Switch to C/MM and see it is 30 MM , when 30 MM is actually just a little over one inch, and it has to be either 300 MM or 30 SM,
Anyway, a foot of snow is expected Wednesday for us.


Maybe around 5 inches of snow here after being snow free :frowning: Looks like we turn sunny and 40F ish the rest of the week…so snow should go bye bye. NAEFS shows a torch for Canada into the midwest. Maybe warm up mid/late month. Get some thong weather in here.


There goes supper!:grimacing: