How is your weather?


That big patch of blue in the Pacific doesn’t look good to me right now. Brady


Spring arrived 16 weeks early in central Alaska this year.


What does NAEFS mean by “above normal”? I had this same discussion with my local weather guys on FB (a good one) regarding the plot I posted a few days ago. Here in IA, probably similar to WI, 1-standard error on the average temperature is 12 to 14 degrees in March. Does 90-100% probability of above normal mean >1SE above normal, or within 1 SE but greater than the mean temperature?

Also, the red color on that graph is misleading because we associate red with higher temperatures. However this is a plot of probabilities. If the temperatures are within 1SE, but still above normal, 100% probability of above normal does not necessarily mean furnace. [/rant]


Yeah, I hope he was talking about flip-flops, and not the uh, you know…


@Levers101 – you and I have the same perception here.

I would hope so. Also, the idea of “normal” is a bit fleeting … I’m guessing it is a 10-year average of mean temperatures for some period in March.

… because there is no canonical color scheme in statistics. Instead we likely have the default color scheme of the graphics package used to display the results.


64 degrees high on Sunday and now several inches of snow on the ground!



The Leonine March


Expecting close to a foot of snow tomorrow. Power is already out , since 2pm today. We decided to stay home since checking into hotels becoming expensive. Hoping power will be back soon before the storm starts. Thinking it’s just turned off to fix something else in the neighborhood. Used the generator for the basics. Light, microwave etc. It’s going to be a cold night…


Goodness, Susu, I hope everything gets back to normal very soon! What an awful storm.

On the weather front here, today got noticeably colder than they predicted, so I’m a little worried about those close-to-critical-temp lows starting tonight. The forecasts keep changing from 30 to as low as mid-20’s. So much is in full bloom here that I am stressing a bit over those few degrees.


looks like this storm is going to hit more s. new england than up here. we have enough snow to melt as it is! good luck to you other folks. suppose to be heavy wet snow.


Ok so snow coming down and we still got no power. They changed the ETA to mid night tonight from mid night last night.but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.
Last night wasn’t bad at all. House temp dropped down to 55 but we all cuddled up in one room and stayed pretty toasty. I had put a sweater on top of PJs on my 5 yr old but she insisted she wanted it off since she was too warm. So no heat wasn’t a problem last night. But we have well water in the house and no power means no water. So we are done toughing it out and decided to check into a hotel today. Packed one bag and left the house this morning. Now killing time in the mall until it’s check in time. Still hoping power will be back on before that.
I want it to be June now! :unamused:


If you run short of water in an emergency, you can drain clean water out of your hot water heater (40 gals or whatever size you have). Just be sure to turn off the electric/gas to the hot water heater before you start draining it; You don’t want it to come on while there is no water in the tank when the power comes back on…


Steve’s idea is a good one. One thing I might add to it is that I would let the first gallon or two off the hot water tank go down the drain. Since you would be pulling water off the very bottom of the tank, you might pull a little sediment off with the first gallon or two.


We have done no power for a week of 20’s weather, and no water for a week, but the combo of both would definitely put us in a hotel!

We still remember the cold weather with no power. We all slept by the fireplace, I would wake up in the middle of the night bone cold since the fire had gone to embers, throw as many logs as could fit in the fireplace and go back to sleep… its something the kids will never forget. In the most recent power outage we never got very cold, it was not cold enough outside to make it difficult inside.




We had a major ice storm 10 years ago. We were without any power for 3 days, roads were impassable to go get a generator. Finally had my mom bring us a generator from 2 hrs away as they were completely sold out by the time we could get to town. Our little town functioned on little generators for 2 weeks after that. Then our town was on a large generator supplied by the National Guard for another 2 weeks until normal power was restored. Luckily temps were right around freezing and slowly moderated after that. We never went to a hotel just toughed it out.


Today we noticed that the hooded orioles have returned from their winter sabbatical :slight_smile:


16 weeks, early? Wowsers…


Over a foot of snow last night.


And not just any snow - snowman type of snow, coming out of snowblower as small snowballs. I was thinking about snowball duel on snowblowers with my neighbors!