How is your weather?


Looks like you guys are having a Winter Wonderland! Very Nice!




It was nice until we had to go out and shovel heavy, wet snow :worried:


If your fruit trees have a lot of snow on them,it might be a good idea to knock some off or branches may break. Brady


It may be a day, or two, before I can graft:


After watching branches fall from trees at an alarming rate, I went out with a broom and got all the snow off the branches in my orchard. I did lose the top of my arborvite and the netting above my chicken coop collapsed under the wet heavy snow.

I have serious concerns about when to put the mason bees out. I waited on installing their house and now there is a foot of snow on the ground.


OMG!!! no words. Where is this happening??


we doing pretty good here. high 50’s to low 70’s. Dapple Dandy and santa rosa are about to pop. actually dapple dandy has some open flowers. Not good for us. We will have more freezes. Its a 3n1 with flavor king and queen. probably too low chill for me.


No snow, only rain in the 30’s😢


Cold here tonight, supposed to get down to 24. We had snow squalls with high winds roll through earlier today, quite intense at times, but too warm to stick for long. I was out digging up a water line, was chilly, but with long johns on and a parka, it wasn’t too bad. Even though I set the thermostat inside to 61, it still felt toasty coming in from outside.

Peaches are at green calyx stage, but I think they will be OK tonight. This will be the coldest night for the next week.


I’m in Cold Brook, NY, 20 miles north of Utica, NY. This is normal snowfall here. Snow will be gone 2 weeks before us only 6 miles away.


Watch next Thurs-Fri… Trough west coast pushes ridge out front over the plains/midwest…some 60Fs should be in cards (warmer?)…


No snow!!!


Time to get out the soil thermometer


Yup…model looks even a little stronger this afternoon…this snow should be gone in a few days around here…should allow the temps to take off.

My house plants need to go outside and breath…and i’ve got some budded seedlings from last summer sprouting shoots. Looks like some of my Flavor King on apricot seedling have takes. My plumeria also started blooming again in the last few days.
…scratch that…Gardenia is blooming…plumeria dropped lots of leaves, but is sending up new growth.


Low pressure conveyor belt.


Well, guess I ain’t gonna do no bush-hogging today!

We got about an inch or so of wet snow, weren’t really supposed to get more than a dusting. It never got below freezing, and it’s supposed to get up to 50 today, so this will all be gone later today.

Some other pics


Very nice pics, my favorite type of snow, stuck to the trees but melted on the road


Well, like I predicted earlier, the snow is gone, revealing the green grass and mushy ground. So, it’ll be a few days before I can get the tractor out.

When I went down to the mailbox, I noticed the Paulownia and one of the old cherry trees lost part of a limb, I assume due to the wet snow weighing it down. One of those branches landed precariously close to one of the gooseberry plants. Those two cherry trees are full of dead wood, and would be better off being cut down. Even though they still produce a bit of fruit every year, it’s way too high up for us to get to it, and the birds pilfer it before we would even have a chance. So, it wouldn’t be a big loss.


Have you considered stump grafting?


Zone 5- Some sort of viola/Pansy found starting to flower in the lawn today

Zone warmer then 5