How is your weather?


Good point, I should be more specific. And I don’t have a big list of all my trees. But I just remember having looked up several of my pluots and some plums and apricots and a lot of them were in the 300-400’s range. But that isn’t a very scientific analysis!


The really low chill stone fruits aren’t well adapted except in nearly freeze free climates. The ones that come to mind are FL, the gulf coast, south Texas, low elevations in AZ, and low elevations in CA. You aren’t in the deep south. You need 500 hr and up material.


Well, Paducah is also in the same state, but it’s quite different climate wise. It gets quite cold here, especially this year, and our warm spell didn’t last as long as yours may have. Fruitnut makes a good point, once that extra long cold period ended, the trees prob don’t need much warmth to wake up.

Sure hope so! It would be a nice surprise to get any peaches this year.


Yeah, chill all the way out

And glancing out the window just now, I’m seeing snowflakes


We got snow and ice last night. I’m at petal fall on my peaches and plums.

I’m so frigging grouchy but all is not entirely lost yet, I hope.


Well it was blowing snow sideways 2 secs before i took this pic…


Are those ironwood (Am. hophornbeam) trees still holding leaves in the background?


looks like beech.


Getting hammered with lumpy, wet snow. The lights flicker every so often. Mild wind so far. This storm is to be followed by rains. The Pics were taken with my iPad through one of my kitchen windows. Ugh! At least all of my buds are still asleep. Wise trees!


Hang in there. Spring is just a few weeks away! I am doing some garden cleaning this next couple of days due to a brief warm front coming with the temp in the 50’s.



yes as @moose71 said, they are beech. I’m not really sure why there are so many young beech trees as there isn’t a mature one near us. Must have been a huge tree somewhere along our property or the adjacent federal land to cause so many babies in the seed bed.


We got all snow. I think @Johnthecook and @Courtney may get the most snow among us in MA this time.

This was taken across the street three hours ago. Snow is continuing to come down non stop.


Horrible! Our lights are flickering here and there, and of course, i am so nervous about losing power. Last week, live wires came down in front of our house, and then a tree fell down, and the cops had to show up so people didn’t drive over the wires. We were blocked in for the day. Today, we have howling and gusty winds, which scares me…Although we had cut down our trees, our neighbor’s trees are too close to our house. We came out to shovel earlier but the winds are so bad that our cheeks felt like open cut wounds. We had to stop . We are trying to lighten the load but the winds are unmanageable in this condition. So, we will be back out to shovel out our driveway once again in a little bit, as the plow truck has plowed us in again. I can safely say that it is the same picture above. It was over the height of my knee when i came out to shovel our walkway, and it is still coming down…i just hope that our power is ok, and we have heat.stay safe, out there, Tippy!


I’m at the Cape Cod Canal we are getting hammered hard.


No beech here.

Good luck with the snow


I hope you turned your car around and not driving over that fallen tree.

Courtney, please take care. We are fine here. Only snow, not much wind.

Also, we have someone plowing our driveway :blush:


No this is Plymouth, my neighbor was trying to get home from work.


squirrels might have buried seed in that area. I’ve seen them spring up a long distance from mature trees. birds can spread them too but likely squirrels doing.


really? i would think you guys would have lots of beech. they like to grow in well drained soil on ridges up here. we are losing a lot of them to a invasive virus that attacks the bark that stunts and eventually kills them. they make great firewood and the nuts are very tasty. like a miniature chestnut.


Just looked at gfs…ugh…chilly/coldish right through the end of the month. As of right now…50Fs look to be about it for warmth. Very averagish for these parts but still would love a couple of 60Fs thrown in just for a taste of spring.