How is your weather?


They make good fire wood yes, but when seasoned, it’s like cuttin through concrete!


it is some HARD wood! my cousin brought some 6 ft. logs up from s. maine for his camp. they were 14in. seasoned black locust. heavy as hell! took a good 30 sec. to cut one piece off but that stuff burnt long and hot. tried splitting with a maul. had to rent a splitter. would just bounce off!


Nope no beech. I personally haven’t seen a beech any further west than maybe 30 miles inland from WI’s Lake Michigan shoreline.


Well, I decide to brave the cool weather and crawl under the truck to put the new starter in. It’s been near 40 all day, and the winds are out of the north.

I got the starter mounted, and was in the process of tightening some of its bolts when we got hit with a sleet squall. So I had to come in and wait. Well, that turned into a snow squall, and within half an hour we had a quick half inch on the ground.

So, my work on the truck will have to wait. Just came in to watch the local weather, and we’ll be getting these skiffs all evening, so no point in continuing.

It’s supposed to be 25 tonight and mid 30s tomorrow. Winter’s still hanging on it seems.


Just had my yard man plow the driveways and shovel steps! Whew! Looks the same here.




If 1+ foot of snow on Tuesday was not enough…


This is the week it was supposed to be in the 60s - HA!


Yep. Weatherman said that is the makings of our 4th nor’easter. Maybe THEN spring will begin…oh wait…that’s next Tuesday.


I love your sense of humor :slightly_smiling_face:


I want to say this is the chilliest March I’ve experienced in Virginia. It feels more like February than anything else. I feel like my veggies are never going to take off.

My only hope is that maybe we will have a cooler summer than normal, but knowing our luck it will be 90+ degrees from June to the end of August.


I really don’t spend as much time outside working in July & August - mainly harvesting & canning. I can work in 40 deg weather all day, so I’m not complaining of the temps, but the nor’easter winds are sometimes worrisome to me.


supposed to drop into the teens this weekend. chance of -0 at night. not supposed to get back into the upper 30’s again till’ weds then that new storm hits us. got to love northeastern weather!


Very nice today, almost 60, but very windy, after a cold night, got down to 26. We went shopping, so didn’t get a chance to take advantage of it, but tomorrow is supposed to be almost as nice. So, hope to get some bush hogging done, then maybe get the pluots in the ground. And perhaps even finish fixing the truck.




Bush Hog is a brand name of a large mowing deck pulled by a tractor, so bush-hogging = big mower. It’s powered by the tractor’s PTO, a type of driveshaft that runs out the backside of the tractor.

I have a 5ft wide one used to mow down wide swaths of weeds, grass or anything else I’m brave enough to try. :grin: Since it’s been so wet, I can’t get the tractor out without putting huge ruts in the ground. It seems to be dry enough now.

I use it mostly to mow our 3 acre south pasture. Even with a 5ft blade, it takes about 2 hours to mow it. Im using it tomorrow to mow down some weeds and the old tomato patch thats full of briars.


It sucks!:angry:


The snow, or the fact you’ll have to wait a couple more months before you get to play tennis again?

They’re calling for a bit if freezing rain early in the morning here. I hope it doesn’t rain too much, I need to get my trees planted tomorrow. At least I got my truck fixed today, and got quite a bit of bush-hogging done!

I’m ready for winter to be over too, but we’re supposed to drop back down in the 20s next week, after the first day of spring.


Boy’s High School tennis season starts in 9 days, so, we’ll be out there. Forecast for the first week is 40’s every day. . . yuck. This is one late spring. I probably won’t get strawberries until July this year. At least now that the worst of the cold is over I can be out working in the garden. All the raspberries are pruned. I’ll start on the tree’s this coming week. I get antsy this time every year, but this is really bad. These Minnesota winters are just too long. I need to go down and hang out with @Auburn every March!


It rained 2/3" overnight! Fantastic!!