How is your weather?


After the 4th warmest February on record, and a much colder March where high temps never got above our normal temps for March, we have a reprieve coming as Easter comes. :blush:

I’m thinking I’ll do some grafting.


Interactive drought map updated weekly


Amazing recovery for a large part of the state.


This is just sad…GFS doesn’t show a 50F between now and April 15th… wow oh wow…some teens back int he forecast for overnight lows. Really getting sick of moving plants in and out daily for sunshine.


Try 2 days above freezing (35 and 36) in the ten day forecast and 3-4 days with single digit lows.


It is an ugly pattern for anyone looking for warmth or spring.

Might take some time before this thing runs its course.


Yep, We are way behind last year on warming up for sure!



Unless you’re on the West coast. We’ve been 80F and above for 3 days, with 70’s & upper 60’s as far as we can see.


8-10" of snow last night, a low near zero tonight.

At least the snow is light and relatively easy to shovel/plow. Had a few 2’-3’ drifts on the driveway.


Brilliantly sunny. . . and 22. Feels like December 31st not March 31st


Wednesday through Friday next week (6 days from now) we will dip in the upper teens in Michigan. I took a look at my garlic bed and there was one shoot out (out of about 250). Normally they are out and several inches tall at this point. But hey, there will be no disastrous freeze April 29, killing the apple and peach crop, like in 2012, because April 29 there will be no blooms. We are at least two weeks behind and perhaps 3.




It was a balmy 3 degrees when I got up this morning. All the way up to 5 now :roll_eyes:


Geez… I so couldn’t come back. I was raised in Ohio. We are 70’s and 50’s now and it appears it will only get warmer. I feel for you Scott


3-4 " of snow last night, 20 degrees right now high around freezing today. Roller coaster ride all week between highs in the 30s to highs in the 60s and back again. Luckily for me everything is basically still dormant.


Just peeking at GFS…maybe record cold this week for here…depending on if we get snow or rain the next 48 hours…

27.5F and sunshine this afternoon… yuck. 12.2F this morning.

This just came out…hard to believe yet, but not what i want to see.


Snow blower is still out


predicting 6in. of snow here tues! :frowning:


Man this cold shows no end in sight. Nothing even starting to approach 50 degrees in the 9-day forecast the local TV station puts out.

Full on winter out there this afternoon for the Easter egg hunts here. Hi of 32 degrees and wind blowing out of the N/NW.

Did I miss some major volcanic eruption or something?


3-7" in the forecast with a low of 2 tomorrow night. Lots of snowmobilers out and about yesterday, kind of weird seeing sleds running all over on Easter. With the snow we got last weekend there’s well over 2’ in the woods right now. No highs above freezing until sometime next week. Gotta love central MN