How is your weather?


One to two inches of snow predicted for today, still snowing but it is very kight and will nekt quickly! I hope!


I use to think I love snow… I guess this love is not strong enough for April.


we still have 3’ in the woods and the sleds have been full tilt all winter here. the 6in. they’re predicting tues/ weds will just soften the trails for awhile. hope we don’t just jump into the 50’s after this cold spell or get any heavy rain or its going to flood . lakes have a solid 3ft of ice on them still!


It’s crazy to see it still snowing& bitterly cold in quite a lot of the central and eastern US.


Absolutely. Getting a pretty good sunburn here on the West coast, it seems like a different world this spring. Bizarre!


Is that a working well?


yep. you guys roast with above average temps in the west while it feels as if the glaciers are coming down from canada here in the east!


60° and socked in with clouds down here.


No, it is my neighbor decoration. It is full of soil and lonely tulip is growing inside


Yesterday was our first day below 80+ for a week at 77F. Today cooling off to 75f. Guess your May Gray is starting early.


Ya, one big difference from 3a/3b/4a zones in the northeast and here seems to be that the NE US consistently gets more year round precipitation.

The long range forecast here doesn’t show any 50s until late April. I’m guessing I won’t be able to plant the 1500+ evergreen plugs I’ve got ordered until at least the first week of May.


I used to love snow. Chance to get out of school, build snowmen and forts, sled. It was fun, even though it meant stinging days carrying wood to the truck so we could heat the house. Ice was fun to break off the roof and suck on the ice sickles. Jack Frost covered everything in a crystal blanket. Even rain wasn’t a cause to feel down. It meant jumping in puddles (for some mysterious reason I still don’t understand, children are drawn to puddles). Sunshine was a blessing too. It kisses your face.

What happened to me? Now I watch weather like a hawk. Worry about my wife/children driving on the roads with ice/snow. Worry about frosts or winter lows for my trees.

Somehow, somewhere, I got old.


On the subject of snow. Here’s an incredibly cool graphical look at this past winter:


same here. used to love the winter! now not so much.


Yup…>GFS is horrible. Shows another snow looking storm late next weekend…temps stuck way below normal. May bloom for sure this year.


Snow yesterday and hail and tornados today.




Sitting on the deck enjoying the pleasant evening, typing this.

Very warm today, about 75, but mucho windy. It was also sunny for a few hours, which we will pay for with possible severe weather tonight. We’re on the SE edge of a Tornado Watch until 8. Looks like we might be OK, but @BobC might need to batten down the hatches!


Probably 6 inches of snow on my picnic table…has snowed all day…just about done here. Then cold cold cold… more snow late weekend/early next week. Worst spring ever? stay tuned.


upgraded to 8-10in. snow tonight! mid 30’s all next week! :frowning: