How is your weather?


With the snow yesterday and today, I think there’s more snow on the ground right now than there has been at any time for at least 4 years.

I was surprised to see next to no snow on the ground in the Twin Cities last weekend. You didn’t have to get very far south of St. Cloud to see bare ground. Sounds like that area got a bunch of snow today though.


3 hr drive south of me is the same. from the tip of s. Maine to n Maine is 3 planting zones difference. almost another world. even the soil is completely different. from heavy/ rocky clay to near pure sand.


Yuck. The last storm missed you guys. So now you got it. :wink:

Garbage weather got me down then hit me with a good slap of influenza. Ugh… Now I am really ready for spring.


Well, even though we prob won’t get any severe weather tonight, it didn’t mean we won’t get any rain. It started raining hard about 11pm and will be for a couple more hours at least. So, we might get another inch of rain tonight. :rage:

After the front rolls through, it’s supposed to really cool down for the next week. High temps no higher than 55, and a few lows in the 20s, including maybe 26 Sat night. Oh, and a few days of showers thrown in, too. Those peach blooms might get bit this weekend.


Is this normal April weather for you? Even for N Maine it seems like it should be getting better a little bit. But you are Z4, so I guess it’s not a big surprise.


Ho hum, another 80f day lol


April 3, 2018. Zero precipitation.


Nothing like a -2 morning in April to give a guy spring fever :crazy_face:


This weather is the pits. I spent the day yesterday pruning a row of blueberry bushes. It was nasty raw.

I’m going to be way behind on pruning & cleaning up blueberries & raspberries now. Ugh.

This is shaping up as a classic instant transition from winter to summer this year.


I’m just hoping we get a “summer”. The last time I saw a March/April like this one is shaping up to be we had a very, very cool summer('13?, '14?). 80 degrees was hot that summer, didn’t run the A/C at all. I recall wearing insulated flannels a number of July mornings that year.


The weather stations keep pushing the cold further into the forecast. I’m hesitant to plant out the brassicas and beets because its going to get to 28 degrees on Sunday night. My pears are starting to flower and the plums and peaches seem to be holding out.


Rain, rain and rain all day long, but in the high 40’s low 50’s. Spring is starting.


I planted out mine in March - expecting to have to replant

As the forecast for unfrozen weather keeps receding into the infinite distance


I have lettuce, onions, arugula, radishes, and peas all planted out. I hope to be able to cover them, but now they are saying up to 8 inches of snow on Saturday! Spinach in planted in a hoop house, along with kohlrabi, broccoli, and turnips in a different hoop house. My brassica started inside will be brought back in, again. I just want some salad at this point.


at least you guys got rain down your way. snowing hard here predicting 8-10in in the st. john valley! going to be late may by time all this snow melts!


orrr… its going to go from 40’s to to 80’s in a weeks time! seen some years like that up here. the weather systems shift from out of the north to out of the south. just hope that isnt so this year because of our deep snowpack. it would definitely flood!


Not so fast, Mrs.G.,
This Sat low will be 32, Sunday low 27 and Mon low 32 with potential snow on this Fri and next Tues.

@galinas and I are not out of the wood yet.


After a week of 60s, went down to 22! Looks like it fried a bunch of apricot blossoms, but more are still coming fortunately.


Just under 7 inches of snow but still a record for this date. 22F and sunshine on April 4th…yum! Biggest snowfall this winter …April sun should knock it back quick or so i hope.

Still showing what should be a few inches of snow (at least) on Sunday/Monday…


At this rate, I’m going to be picking my salads out of the flats waiting to go out

Lettuce, at least, will grow well once it gets into the ground, but I think I"ll have to toss the early seeded broccoli. It’s been in the pots too long and I don’t think it will head well