How is your weather?


Sorry to hear that Rob… It is interesting that your cots has such a long window of blooming (I remember you posted photos of your first blooming cot close to a month ago). Can you rank your cots in your order of blooming?


I packed my apricot tight today again with double tarp. I am going to keep it that way for next 7 day, until frost forecast is not in the picture anymore. I added pipe heating cable inside that turns off at 38F. Will see if that would be enough to keep it above 32F…


i started a bunch of zinnia in trays and picked out a bunch of dead ones and put them back under lights…just too many days of clouds.


I mentioned that Tomcot was first, then pretty much all the rest of them following quickly behind. Still waiting for most of Flavor Delight and Montrose. Early Blush and Autumn Glo are yet to pop at all.


I admire your dedication. Mine are at a calyx red stage. I’ll let them be this year. It is not supposed to get danaged by 27 F at this stage.

It will start getting danaged at 22 F. I have not seen 22F in the next 10 day forecast.


Just looking out into mid April and beyond…looks awful. Nothing remotely spring like. Nothing is going to move in this weather…which is good…but i do hope that we go warm late April and have hot May/June with lots of sun to get things moving very quickly…

NAEFS is hinting at warmth building into the southern states…so maybe that can expand northward. Could see some severe wx with this type of setup i would imagine…


A hot May is exactly what I fear - too many crops, especially if planted late because of the cold April, will bolt with sudden extreme heat


For my place it depending on where you look for your forecast. Weather underground is this:

and accuweather is this:

My own thermometer always shows 2 degrees lower than WU says, so I don’t want to risk :slightly_smiling:.


Probably snow early May and then be mid 90Fs a week later.

This afternoon…

Can see some green to the south…Iowa needs some snowcover :slight_smile:


You get the best graphix!


I find that AW tends to be on the low side


Local WX forecasters calling for 28 tonight, 55 and 60 the next couple days, but perhaps up to 3" of snow Saturday, and then down to maybe 20 that night. WU says 17, NWS says 21. :fearful: Say good bye little peach blossoms!

I have a bunch of berry plants coming in tomorrow. Don’t know if I should plant them Friday, or wait for the really cold stuff to pass. Getting 3/4" of rain again last night didn’t help either.

What a nasty, wet, cold winter (and early spring) this has been…


Dormant berries?


I have kiwis, gooseberries, jostaberries, plums and a few blueberries leafing out… and we are expecting a low of 26 on Sat night. At least my cherries have somehow remained stalled with green showing but no blooms.


i have a large amount of cuttings and dormant plants in my garage. checked them last week when it was in the 40’s. my currants were starting to leaf already. so i repotted them and put under my leds in the front room. i hope they don’t get too big as i i have to keep them going indoors till’ at least mid may before i can put them out. come on spring!


Yeah, 14 dormant rasp and blackberries from Indiana Berry. If I don’t get them in the ground Friday, then I’ll put them in the frig and plant them next week. I’m thinking the ground’s still going to be too muddy Friday.

I brought my newly potted up apples in for tonight. They’d probably be OK out in the shed tonight, so I guess I might be a bit over-protective. They did get a little bit of sun today, even though it didn’t get much above 40.


You just gave me an idea. I mentioned that I brought my newly potted up apples with new sprouts in tonight because it’s supposed to be below freezing tonight, also Fri and Sat nights. I leave my grow lights up in the hall for when my tomatoes and other veggies start. I’m not using them now, so I might put my apples under the lights tomorrow for the next 3 days, give them about 15 hours of light a day, maybe.


We’re good!! Thanks!


subdood - My forecast is not as bad low 27, I will lose 10 to 90 percent of my peach blooms, my trees are at different stages. Looking at some pear damage, my trees are at full bloom. One forecast says a low of 23, I am ignoring that forecast. If I lose my peaches, I am going to heavily prune my trees this year.


A few days ago they were saying maybe 26, which is tolerable, but most consensus now are about 21, which would fry most of the open blooms. But, we are also supposed to get up to 4" of snow Saturday, so maybe if they got some snow on them they might get a little insulation? Probably not enough to matter, though.

One kinda good thing is that my Contender and Blushingstar haven’t fully bloomed yet, but they are just a year in the ground, and aren’t big enough to produce year. The two year old Coralstar and Redhaven have the most open blooms, so I’m afraid they’re goners. We got down to 27 here this morning, so that might’ve done some damage.

My two year old pears are starting to leaf out with no blooms yet, and the one year old pears are still sleeping. I have 17 apple trees, and only one is showing any green sprouts right now. I pruned most of them Tuesday, I hope the cold temps don’t hurt them after they’ve been cut on. My guess is if they aren’t growing any at the time of pruning, then they’ll probably be OK.

We’re supposed to get a couple more nights near 30 after Sat, but the long range forecast is above freezing for the next week after that. I’m hoping we’re also headed into some drier weather, I have to start turning my garden plots soon.