How is your weather?


My trees are further along. When I was home two days ago all of my trees are in full bloom with some of the early bloomers almost over. I have already lost Blushingstar and likely CoralStar and Elegant Lady. The 27 degree temp will hit all of my trees at full bloom including my Asian Pears. Some of my apples were showing pink. I am hoping just lose a small percentage at 27 - at 23 F I will likely lose 70% to 100% I don’t think the pruning will hurt. My peach trees go crazy with new growth when cut in the spring.


Sorry to hear that, I guess our weather has been colder longer here than where you’re at. Hopefully it will only drop to 27 there.

I pulled up the GFS forecast model for the next few days, it’s saying 25 for the lowest here, but it’s in 6 hour steps, so it might dip below that in the interim:

Here is the snow forecast model, we might get as much as 5".


Mmmmmm…don’t you just love that April snow? Not that many years ago i got some of the coveted May snow. :wink:

Sometimes (most of the?) those snow maps are garbage, but the last storm was about dead on with snow amounts.

Seeing 2 rounds of precip here… one late weekend (few inches of snow) and then rain next week as we warm to 50 …still see absolutely nothing that says pull out the shorts and/or the thongs.


feh … snow


My wife just informed me the wind ripped down my hoop house, pulling the concrete blocks that were holding it down onto the bed and crushing several spinach plants.

This spring has been a true test of my gardening devotion.


Wretched wretched weather


I just watched the local network weather, and they’re saying maybe 1in, but up to 3in just south of us. I don’t care if it does snow, I just don’t want it to get too cold Sat night. They’re still calling for 20, the latest GFS is sticking with 25, which would make a world of difference as far as the blooms go. We’ll prob lose some anyways, but I’d like to see some make it.

It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow, about 60, and no rain until sunset. I just got my berry order in, and have debated whether to plant them tomorrow, or wait until next week. I decided that they can wait. I didn’t want to put them in the ground only to subject them to low 20s temps. I put them in a box in the dark, cool cellar, hopefully they’ll be OK. After Monday, no freezing temps for the next week at least. Rain, some, but not as much.

This weather is making me cray-cray, koo-koo for Coco Puffs, you name it!


Another way to look at it was written a long time ago. Brady
When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.


That’s true, but let’s not forget the same book also says, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” In some ways, to think “old” is sad. We become grumpy old men (and women) filled with worry and distrust. Worry makes us less human. And to trust no one, is to love no one.

But you’re right, the flip side is that with age generally comes some wisdom, which is a good thing.


when i got my portable greenhouse, i bought 6 screw in anchors. they’re cheap, easy to put in/ remove and will not budge under the worst wind :wink: amazon has them.


another 1 to 3in. tonight! :frowning:


Thanks for the recommendation. My hoop house was just PVC holding up a clear plastic tarp with blocks around to keep the edges down. When I got home from work last night I checked it out and indeed the wind had pulled the tarp so much the concrete blocks were thrown onto the spinach in the bed. I’ve never seen anything like it.


i had the same happen to me a few years ago. big thunderstorm. i used tent pegs to hold it down but got ripped up anyway. wound up in my niehbors driveway!


Can also look at the NAM… Short distances can have large differences in temp (low spots/etc).

As we move into mid/later April the cold just is stuck in the north central/plains…ugggghhhhhhh…


So we are in the third winter and it is snowing again.


Haha. I tend to think of mud season as a super-season spanning across from fool’s spring thru third winter. :wink:


I’d take out actual spring and make it 19 seasons. :sunny:


Thanks. I just checked GFS for 12z and it’s got us around 25, down a tick from yesterday. Canadian model has us at 23 at 8am, but that’s been trending up a bit. Local forecast says 22, NWS still at 21.

So, I’m thinking we might get to 26-27, because of us being up on a hillside, not down in the valley. Might make a small temp difference, but maybe enough to help the trees.

It’s 61 here at noon, and windy, but I need to get out and enjoy it.


You are correct, actual spring is something that can be skipped easily!


I’m 38 years old and it kind of seems spring has always been like this, especially since I’ve been paying attention because of my garden.

Are there any older folks on here who remember spring differently? Has it always been a crap shoot or could you rely on reasonable temps and the last frost date for your zone? My anecdotal evidence and observations tell me this is a newer phenomenon.