How is your weather?


So much for thoughts of spring, snow rain, sleet and fog today. I am so afraid I will lose my peaches.:cry:


Next week Weds==Fri might sneak in some near 60F temps. Hopefully warm enough to get my plants back outside. The GFS hints at it and the Euro shows some warmth building in as a system makes its way from N Calif thru the Rockies and then into the midwest…ahead of that winds should turn/ridging ahead of it…something to look forward to…after that back into the below norm stuff.


THis is just unreal. The local weather station is predicting 25 degrees for Saturday night!!! Most of my stone fruits are at petal drop to shuck split stages. According to those freeze damage charts, I’ll lose around 90% of my fruit at those temps.
It is all my fault…I’ve been running around telling everyone I know that this year I dodged the late freeze and was finally going to get some fruit this year!!! Talk about counting chickens before they hatch!

I was just about to order a $350 dollar bottle of Luna Sensation fungicide , but I think I’ll put that on hold. This is 3 years in a row I’ve had some to most of my stone fruits lost to a late freeze (April 9 is fairly late for us). This is the kind of thing that makes you ask yourself if it is really worth all this!!!

Good luck to others in the southeast who have trees blooming or, like mine, at shuck split or beyond!!!


Mud season is next week


Not again, without bad luck bro, you’d not have any!


Wow, grows good peaches and expounds on scripture. Is there anything you can’t do?:wink:


Sorry to hear about the low temp. We got snow today and the temp was 21 degrees. Luckily all my fruit trees still at buds swell.





How is your weather?

I have now decided that only 2 words fit the bill anymore.


Lord let next week be better for everyone, Amen.


Global warming? My two words!


Increased CO2 concentration in the global atmosphere was predicted to increase atmospheric volatility – and it has. Also, for several thousand years prior to 1800 the warming of the Earth was slowly decelerating but since it has been accelerating.


Spring will eventually come, but for now let’s enjoy (again) some fresh snow heh


Raining in South Carolina today. Looks like I’m stuck inside making plant labels and organizing my scions.


Green grass and snow here. I’m usually planting tomatoes about now


Here in Wyoming we got 7 inches night before last. That makes about 24 inches in the last 10 days. Luckily we had some decent weather during that time to help melt part of it.


About to be a rainy day. No rain tomorrow. More rain Monday. We need it.


I would like to arrange for it to rain right AFTER I plant


Funny you should say that. I just planted trees and vegetables and sunflowers…


I was just remarking yesterday about how the grass is starting to turn green already, then we woke up to this:



Chilly mid 60’s and rain, turning sunny in the afternoon.