How is your weather?


It’s going to be solid rain here in the Fraser Valley for a week before we get any sun. I’m really hoping there’s some small breaks for my Frost Peach, Cherry and Italian Plum to get pollinated.


The forecast has changed (for the better). Still saying significant snow, but nowhere near as much. My guess is the forecast will change a couple more times before the weekend


Chicago Cubs had to postpone Opening Day




Then when they played today, they lost


It’s over…

We had a nice day, about 50, but cloudy. It was a bit chilly when the wind blew a bit. But, it’s going to warm up gradually over the next few days.

We’re supposed to get close to 80 Fri and Sat! So, I think I might be able to get the tractor and plow out and turn our veggie plots.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting out the tiller and starting work on my raspberry run, gonna be a busy day.


issued at 526 am CDT Wed Apr 11 2018

Extended outlook

The climate prediction center has a high probability for below
normal temperatures from April 16th through the 24th. There is
less of a signal for precipitation, but the latest outlook has
slightly increased chances for above normal precipitation from
April 18th through the 24th.

:face_vomiting: More of the same for us.


Just fold the team up and sell off the pieces :wink:

Almost spring ish here…low 50Fs…hazy sunshine. waiting for the rain.

Naefs run out thru very late April at this point…still showing a cold/ish look to it…no heatwaves this April


sunny in the mid 40’s here. good to see the white stuff melting!


70s the last 2 days and tomorrow… then a blizzard on Saturday! Hooray


Today’s usage (including air conditioner): 27.7 KWh. Today’s electric energy production: 30.2 KWh. :slight_smile:



Looks more likely that i’ll be shoveling/blowing snow this weekend…ugh… GFs shows around 8 inches or so.


75 today - by Sunday morn it should have dropped 50 degrees


Sunny and very warm today, about 77, but super windy, prob 40mph wind gusts. We have a couple more days with the same temps, then some rain and cooler temps on Saturday.




The forecast here for Friday is wind gusts to 70 mph with humidity below 5%. That equals historic wildfire danger. Their words not mine.


Yeah, we’re under a daytime burn ban for these next three days. After all this rain we’ve had, now they’ve saying don’t burn anything until sunset. I get it, but it’s just odd considering it’s still a bit damp in places.

Seems like whenever the weather’s been warm, all we can get around here is high winds. Guess there’s no pleasing me with this weather.


They are saying anywhere from 7-18" of snow across the central part of the state, with 50 mph winds and higher gusts late tomorrow night through mid day Saturday. All I can say is that I am glad that at least my trees are leafed out yet. Other than apricots and plums, nothing is past 1/4" green. My plums and apricots while relatively small are covered in blossoms this year, too bad I will lose them all likely. Cant wait until I can put up some kind of high tunnel structure.


This is a good video of our situation with weather and fruit. A buddy helped me get tarps on my 2 apricots, but the wind wanted nothing of them!


This advice in the writeup is BS:

“Freezing is just the act of losing heat,” he said. “So, if that blossom is closed up, that’s holding onto heat. Right here, this block is full bloom, all the way open,” he said pointing to the orchard in front of him. “So, it’s more vulnerable, and once those petals fall off, it’s just that much more vulnerable.”

A closed blossom doesn’t hold onto the heat. It’s less freeze sensitive. I’m surprised about his lack of knowledge about the physics and physiology of freeze damage.

Also throwing a tarp over a tree is almost no help without a heat source inside. I usually have to wait until dark just before a freeze for the wind to drop enough to put on a tarp. I’ve been out tarping until midnight several times.