How is your weather?


Just finished covering my cabbages, onions, lettuce and once again apricot before 28F night and whole day freezing rain tomorrow, and one more 30 night and one more day of rain after that. Just for the records - it was 70F yesterday and 60F today.


Tony, the Spring, if you can call it that, has been horrible. We finally had 58 degrees today and I felt like going to the beach! Cooling down again tomorrow. Not one flower in my orchard yet. Maybe we’ll get fruit this year! The snow will melt very soon!.


All of my peaches froze out this year. We had some really coke temps in January and it killed the flower buds. This is the only peach blossom and it is on a rootstock


Not complaining, just thought it was funny one blossom made it out of so many


It was only 65F yesterday in my town, the warmest day of the wave. It was mid 50 today and has gone down rapidly since this late afternoon.

Not a single day of 70 F in recent weeks. I have not started grafting because it has been mostly cold or cold and wet. In fact, the weatherman said, the first 10 days of April was the coldest 10 days in Boston since 2007.

We are colder than Boston!!!


Slow release rain. Soon it’ll make your yard grow like crazy!


I think the heat of the last two days of 70F put my plums in danger. Some of the fruit buds are greening up.

No matter to me… The new owners will put in a fence. Neighbors aren’t gonna be happy. I am thinking they might need to cut my trees down to put in the fence.


“Only” 80F up here in NorCal today :smile:


Well, we’re paying for the nice warm and dry weather for the last 3 days. It’s raining hard now, and will be off and on for the next day. Then a few skiffs of snow early Mon morn?? Will drop to near freezing Tue morning, but no lower. Next week won’t be as warm, but after this mess, it’s supposed to be dry.

Sure glad I got the lawn mowed yesterday.


About 1/2 hour away!! Supposed to be 60/42 degrees behind it. Nicest spring in my 29 year Florida memory


18 degrees this morning after a 24 hr blizzard. Looks like the next 2 weeks forecast is calling for below normal temperatures, cloudy, windy and above normal precipitation. If the weather doesnt kill the blossoms looks like pollination will be poor. On the bright side spent several hours yesterday researching high tunnels and various home made versions, that project just got bumped to the top of the list for next growing season. At least a couple of experimental ones. I have lost hope that we are ever going to a have normal, productive fruit growing spring weather.


Finally got the rain, which we needed - a 3-day event, good soaking

Sure is cold and nasty out there, tho

It’ll freeze tonite but I can’t regret planting out the veg. You can’t get broccoli to head well if you put it out in May


Thirty degrees here , sleet/snow flurries, burr. Seagull in the Walmart parking lot seemed a little out of place


Ended up with a few inches overnight. No idea exactly how much due to the strong winds. There was about an 18" drift in front of the garage door. It sucks to get snow in mid April, but a few inches sure beats the heck out of a few feet


Maybe 3 inches here so far…but still snow in the forecast today…

Tues/Weds could be interesting with temps in the low 30Fs and OvER and inch of liquid on the GFS. The whole week looks like complete January garbage with temps probably not climbing out of the 30Fs.


The forecast here is showing we may get our first 50 degree day of the year by next Friday.


We are having frozen rain right now, icicle covered branches with flower buds, leaf buds, and young currant leafs


GFS doesn’t show 40F+ until next Sunday but i’m sure that is all based on current snowcover. If we can melt this garbage, temps should rise.


We must be getting different weather fronts/whatever. Our NWS forecast is calling for a few 40+ degree days next week (thank God). Snow cover here won’t be gone anytime soon. It’ll take a few weeks of 40+ with some over night lows above freezing to get that done. The last ground frost map I looked at showed we had around 3’ of frost under the snow. I’m guessing it will be around May 10 before I can get a shovel in the ground in the woods. In some swampy areas that are covered with reed canary grass, I’m betting on there being frost until around Memorial Day.


There is a storm that could effect this area mid week that will knock temps back for me. 12z gfs shows maybe next Sat we go above 40F and maybe 50F on Sunday.

Snowing winter wonderland out. No snow on Christmas, but can’t get rid of it in April.

Should easily be able to move 2018 into the top 10 coldest Aprils here… I do think late month we hit 70F so the avg will come up.