How is your weather?


We just got nailed as that passed through…supposed to be off shore in the next 30 minutes and then things will calm down…


Dumb new owners!


@smsmith Stu we got about 2 inches of sleet last night. Ice storm just missed us by miles. Still cold through tuesday then 50s by weekend and 60s next week, yikes!!


FREAK weather! Yesterday and today we had freezing rain. Turning into rain by tonight/tomorrow. What a mess! By April 20 we’ll have a steady increase back to seasonal which is around 57-60F and SUNNY.


Crazy spring weather, hope we all come out positively once the “real” spring weather arrives


Parts of Lynchburg suffered severe damage. Not sure anyone knows how bad it is. I was not hit but both north and south of us took a hit.


:astonished: :cry:


Here’s the current U.S. weather map. Looks like the system in the Pacific NW is going to follow on the heels of the present storm in central and eastern states.


Came through here 4:30 AM. Lotsa wind ahead of it. Can’t see any ill effects from my quick survey. Air smells amazing though.


Central storm will probably still be here - it just won’t pick up and leave!


Snowing like a son of a gun here, is it past you yet @smsmith?

I’m starting to get all stressed out, as its gonna be 50s & 60s here real consistently starting Thursday this week. I have 42 trees to transplant, 5 to dig up and give away (doubles), 40 to bench graft. With the weather the way it went I think Burnt Ridge is going to ship to me late this week and i’ll be trying to plant my orchard and graft at night all in the same time frame. AHHH!!!


Yep, partly sunny and and mid 20s now. Headed to the upper 30s the next couple of days and then (maybe) 50 on Friday.


Low 50’s rain all day. Finally seasonal weather! April showers bring May flowers I hope! And my berry order from Norse!


Rochester, MN was saying maybe 6 inches of snow midweek… an inch for us and some rain/sleet/ice/who knows what.

I’ve got a hunch we torch late month–easy 70F plus/.//probably 80Fs across Iowa… these avgs aren’t going to stay this cold.

===hot of the the 12z gfs… We could easily break the April snow record with this==although i’d love to see it shift south across Iowa because they like mid April snow so much down there.



An inch of snow here,all white outside. Hopefully only one more week before everything is back to normal. My fruit trees are pretty much all still not pushing buds yet. So not much damage has been done. On the contrary, because of this unusual low spring temperature. I think my apricot wakes up late and has avoided frozen temperature during blooming time. Therefore, apricot will have better harvest this year here.


Nice pic, interesting juxtaposition of falling snow and blooming fruit trees. Is that an apple tree blooming?

We’ve had a few flurries, some grapple, just a cold, cloudy day. Might get a bit more snow today, but too warm to stick. Ugh, I’m so tired of this weather. We finally had some warm, dry weather last week. But, of course, this weekend we get another inch and a half of rain, so now the ground’s a soppy mess again.

It looks like my new raspberry run took all the rain well, I tried to put it on a small ridge, and then build up another hump of dirt in the middle of the run to help with drainage. It helps that the soil is very loamy, so water doesn’t pool there.


I’m curious how often you folks get apricots. I imagine they’re the first to bloom, so chances of getting them to survive any freezes are not good.


got few every year. There will be some buds left undamaged.


Yeah we had some warm dry weather, which is when the trees began blooming. The pink in the forefront is a peach and the white behind it is a plum. It’s like a Where’s Waldo to find the plum blooms through the snow flurries. We just had some rain yesterday, so it’s a muddy mess here again. We pretty much skip spring, by the time the weather calms down, it’s almost time for summer. This morning has been interesting, the snow blasts us, covering the ground, it vanishes and then it comes down again. The wind is harsh out there today.

This is the first year for apricots blooming for me and they are blooming alongside the peaches. You either get fruit or you don’t, you never know when the weather will let you eat from year to year.