How is your weather?


GFS hints at upper 70Fs 28th to 30th… the heat is coming.


Good time to graft peaches. I grafted some plums a week or so ago when we got 3days in 60’s. Hope these grafts are still alive and kicking. I grafted some Asian pear back in Feb when we got few days in 40’s, I hope they are still alive. Last time I check they are all still green. I also grafted Flavor Supreme back in Feb .I know chance of the graft take is low, but the scion was in blooming, and I don’t have other choice but to graft it ASAP. I checked couple of days ago, all are alive. Keep my fingers crossed


Hahaha! I had to laugh at that one.

We probably had 2 inches yesterday, but it only stuck in the early morning.

It is nice to see the snow coming down but melting away as fast as it comes because the sun, even through the clouds, is as strong as it is in late August.


Makes me want to cry!!!


I don’t think i should have all the fun… Areas just north of here had a foot plus (i think Green Bay has over 20 inches)…so we actually got lucky here (around 7 or 8 inches).

Rain makes grain? Planting is going to be going full steam come late month/early April…they’ll mud it in.


I get some most years

The aprium, tho, blooms about a week earlier and it’ll get zapped when the cots escape

Last year, I thought the aprium had been toasted during a late freeze, but it turned out later that a few dozen buds were still closed then, so I got some fruit after all. The cots, otoh, were abundant.


Hey, hey, I think you are mad at us.
Maybe you need to sacrifice to the snow god!


If it continue snowing like this,I like the sacrifice to the snow God idea


I’ll sacrifice a rabbit


Mrs. McGregor, I presume. :rabbit2: :pie:


For those of you still “enjoying” winter:


Not liking this spring. Thru yesterday this was the coldest start to April in almost 150 years here.

Lots of light at the end of the tunnel. Spring would seem to “start” on Saturday and next week looks downright mild (60Fs) if things play out. Continuing i still think mid 70Fs or better before month is out. Bloom is going to happen very quickly.


10 day forecast showing some 50s and a 60 or two. Should be lots of melting and thawing soon. I’ll be wearing shorts before May :crazy_face:


In South Texas we often say spring lasts two weeks… then straight to summer. This year has been such a delight to bask in the mild temps (50’s to 80’s) for months on end. The fruit trees have loved it too! Here’s to spring for you guys up north; hope you get it soon!


what cultivar is this red leaf peach/nectarine? Very pretty!


SpiceZee! Still holding onto the red foliage.


They keep pushing it back. It was supposed to be Friday. Now, Saturday. Tomorrow, they’ll say Sunday …


It’s been tough to get anything done. I’m going to have to skim over my blueberries this season instead of doing a thorough pruning. Still have 1 and 1/2 rows of raspberries to weed and prune…those are a must. Then on to peaches next week. Also have about 60 peach trees to plant that I am picking up at Fedco next Thurs. I’m hoping that mowing can hold off at least a few more weeks…we’ll see.


just starting to see grass near the driveway here. about 18in. on the lawn. the rain is putting a dent in it finally.


Most Orchards I have seen are grown in areas that do not promote extensive grass growth. My property is the absolute opposite. If it rains, the grass shoots up. How do most folks handle this for large scale orchard (5-10 acres)? I’m currently spraying the rows, and mowing the centers, but want to move toward complete no - spray. I replied to maineorchard because of the “60 trees to plant” as well as holding off on mowing, but open to any and all experiences.