How is your weather?


There’s really only a few ways to control grass/weeds.


-Smothering (i.e. mulch, plastic or organic, weed barrier)

-Cultivation (popular with farmers before herbicides, the drawback being some damaged roots, erosion, loss of organic matter)

-Animals (not very popular with commercial operations because of potential damage to the trees, and because of new food safety regulations)

Most operations (probably 95%) of the size you mention use herbicides, unless they are growing in a place with little organic matter and essentially no rain (i.e. parts of CA).

I use a combination of organic mulch and herbicide.


Is that good or bad, though, Rob? It is almost perfect here. Run the cold out as long as we can then flip the switch to warm. Would be fine by me, if I were growing fruit this year. Bad for the spring veggies, though, but I could take them or leave them. If only we hadn’t had -25F-ish cold in January as part of this pattern.


Spice Zee Nectaplum.


That’s been my general thought… Sigh. I may test some fruit for a few years, and verify if any herbicide makes it into the fruit or not. May not be a big issue to worry about anyway!


The heater turned on last night at 62F! I don’t remember it ever turning on in April in the 6 years that I have lived here. Perfect chilling weather yesterday with temps between 55F and 41F. Too bad it is too late. Had an earthquake, hail, heavy rain and a thunder too!


True about the good, but i’ve got so many trees still parked in my garage that i want out of there! But yeah…i think once it flips, we might not be worrying too much about hard freezes/frost because of the lateness the bloom will be occurring.

12z GFS has shifted the heaviest snows SOUTH so we would be more on the northern fringe here…something to watch. Still should grab a few inches. NAM is all over the place.


It is snowing again in Wyoming, yesterday it was in the high 60’s, today 34 and snowing…I need sunshine. Lol


I just discovered that my Flavor Supreme blooms that have been at popcorn stage since early March is toast! We didn’t really have a hard freeze but I guess it couldn’t take these weird temps for over a month now. Sad!:slightly_frowning_face:


New models really paint a heavy strip across N Iowa…Mason City and points east towards Prairie Du Chien… cut off to the north and south is really sharp…going to be close here…hoping for an inch or less :wink:


Rob, Sorry to disappoint, they took all the snow outta our forecast.:smiley:


Weather is vexing, MUCH colder than forecast

The other day, Chicago recorded a record low high, I wonder if today might do the same


Light snow right now. Starting to warm up on Sunday and looking good after that.



Yesterday it was 99F in Oklahoma and 33F in N Iowa…crazy temp contrast north to south.

Snow falling here…big white flakes.




For now the cool weather crops are thriving! 7:30 pm, is it January? Sadly this pushes back the banana planting a week :frowning:


Snowing since lunch=ish time… probably 4 or 5 inches of heavy wet slop. Fun stuff. Sun please!


I like the idea of putting a soil temperature meter to monitor the soil


Soil moisture and temperature sensors are available as options for most Davis weather stations or as stand-alone battery operated field stations.


does the soil temperature meter have to be brought inside for the winter?


snow mostly had melted yesterday buy but we got more snow last night. Now, the roof is covered by the snow again, not too bad, less than an inch. Should be melted away when the sun is out.
Forecast said we are going to have high in mid to upper 50s ( a day or two by end of this weekend maybe in low 60s) for a week or so, but night temperature is still in upper 30s. Is it a good weather to start graft plum and apricot, maybe sweet cherry?