How is your weather?


Today should be our first 50 degree day of the year, and Sunday is supposed to hit a high in the low 60s. Nothing like having the first 50 and 60 degree days in the third week of April.


I use a digital meat thermometer


your digital meat thermometer temperature range goes that low? Mine has upper/lower limit


It goes well below freezing

Checked it - goes to 40 below and up to 450!!!


Overnite snow is melting now. They Say tonight should be the last frost.

Not sure I can trust Them, tho.


spring is right around the corner,well,Not yet.IMG_20180419_092718564


19 inches of snow in April…which is a new record that dates back 130 years… Coldest April start in history. Tomatoes in Sept.

April 19th snowman…he’s very sad. The high sun angle is going to cause some severe burning.


Well.looking into May it looks normal to maybe a tad above…no 100Fs yet… maybe we can sneak in a May heat wave to get things moving…a week of 95F or better…tropical heat too…right out of the bowels of the Caribbean…hmmm…


might touch 60 by next mon. last time we hit that temp was last oct. gonna warm up fast! still 40in. of ice on the lakes means certain flooding! glad im on high ground.


I doubt it … but you can check the details on their site.


Next Tues and more so Thurs look 70F ish here… GFS shows 80Fs on May 2nd… Snow is melting like crazy this afternoon…


I always was sure no matter how late and cold spring is, summer will eventually come. After today’s snow(once again) I am not anymore. I planted peas today, and when I finished I suddenly felt deep sadness. And it came to me… Summer is not going to come this year. Why do I still bother planing anything?


GOES 16 shows the snow cover great this afternoon…you can actually see the southern fringes melt away if you loop it.


We had 1/16" rain this morning.


That cracks me up. Sorry, but that’s barely enough to wet the meter. :blush:


Afternoon shot of the midwest…very deep snow fell over parts of Iowa…i see some foot or better reports. Areas around Green Bay got over 30 inches of snow during the last storm…

Took all my container trees outside today… they stay out now. I need to spray copper over weekend.


Yup, that works out to 10 Tablespoons per square foot.


I had the pleasure to drive to Storm Lake, Ia., 2 days ago. Massive quantities of snow yet and they got 6-8" more yesterday. Some flooding already and more to come. The Confucian curse, “May you live in interesting times”, yup!


About to go to bed at about 2am, and it’s around 33°. Here we are on freakin’ April 20, and the heat is on, and I’m fretting about my strawberries getting nipped by a freeze. Supposedly it’s only forecast to get to 33, but that’s already been met with 5 more hours of darkness left.

Egads I wish it’d warm up already. We have one more night forecast near freezing (2morrow) and then it’s highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s for the next 10 days.

To add to my angst, I noticed today that one of my blackberries that had sprouted recently got “unprofessionally pruned” by some varmit. The fields and lawn are flush with lush green grass, and you have to munch on my 4in tall sprout?? :angry: I got 10 more raspberry plants that will hopefully sprout soon, I’ll have to try to figure out how to protect them.


Yep, it’s the day - finally spring

Will do copper today against FB - saw first signs of leaf tip yesterday