How long can frozen scions last?

I’m looking to move this year, hopefully in early spring/summer.
My pear trees are too big to take with us. One of them is Luscious and we really like it but it’s no longer being offered around here.
If I take a bunch of scions off it, during the deep cold, and put them in the freezer, how long do they hold?
Would I be able to use them for grafting this summer or would they possibly make it to next spring?


May or June would be no problem here for grafting but it all depends on the heat of your climate. Temperatures should still be in the 70s preferably when grafting. Pears are more forgiving than most things. Don’t recommend you freeze them but refrigeration should be fine.

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The nurseries I buy scion sticks from emphatically state “do not freeze”. They’ll last for months in the refrigerator if you triple bag them, otherwise gases from other fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator may cause them to start sprouting.



Agree 100% they do get frozen at times outside or in the mail but intentionally putting them in the freezer as you said is a bad idea.