How Long Can Rootstock Stay Packaged?

I have 50 root stocks that arrived before I have containers for them (keeping them in containers). How long is safe for me to leave them bundled together with the roots wrapped in plastic? Or, should I take them all out and put them in 1 container filled with soil (still bundled but not wrapped in plastic)? It will be 1 week + before I am can plant them individually.

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You can put em in the fridge too if they fit. I got 50 in there right now 1 week is nothing. When they come they will likely be in full dormancy so they wont wake up overnight either. But as long as the roots dont dry out theyll be fine in the fridge. Ideally without ethylene producing stuff but youll probably be fine even with fruit in there.


Mine are out in their shipping bag moist in a tote in a dark spot. Seem to be viable. Seeing some active scions on them. I’ve about reached an end to G.214 for use. The rest are going to stool. Grafted a lot of P.2 today.

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