How Long Does Dry (synthetic) Fertilizer Work?

Hey all,

So prepped out garden and planted peas and beans last week. I turned in about 5 bags (the big ones) of manure, and applied potash. I also applied 19-19-19 by hand, just throwing it, and then muriate of potash (0-0-60).

Now, without trying to start an argument on which type of fertilize is better, as I think there can be benefits of both, how long will my synthetic last? I’m a bit worried that I might have put too much out. I did maybe 6-8 pounds of the 19-19-19 in a 35x25 (875 square foot) garden. How long will this stuff last in the soil? I’m not planting corn, cucumbers, pepper, tomatoes, and pumpkins for a few weeks, so my thought process was that I’d lose maybe a third of what was applied (since I’ve read it feeds for ~4 weeks). Any info on the lifespan of synthetic NONCOATED fertilizers?

edit: I should also note that I tilled all of it into the soil about 7 inches deep.

The fertilizer will be there until a plant uses it, or it’s leached away. If you’re not irrigating, and there’s no rain - you shouldn’t lose anything.

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