How long to wait

North Texas DFW area. Zone 8a May still be an exercise in mental gymnastics since we’re still below freezing (right now over 100 consecutive hours below freezing with avg temp of 10 degrees) and not expecting above freezing until Fiday or mayve Saturday…,but how long would you wait for new or returning growth…i have figs, olives,meyer lemons, varioius oranges, key limes, satsumas, kumquats, one loquat…all in 26 inch plastic whiskey barrels with 4-5 inches of mulch and some have frost cloths on that the wind did not blow off…March, April, May…cut them back by 50%? Down further? Give up and plant annuals…i know there may not be one correct answer but am willing to hear all advice. Thanks in advance


I have absolutely no clue, I’m in zone 6a. I really just wanted to say that I am very sorry that you all in Texas are having such a rough start to the new year. I hope someone here has an answer for you or will be able to point you in the right direction. Try to stay warm!

You left the citrus and olives outside? They’re dead. Loquat might be. Fig will probably sprout from the roots, but being in a pot in -1 or lower degree weather for an extended time, iffy.

If they were left outside I agree, all the citrus will not make it. If you had them right next to the the south side of the house, they might make it. I doubt my citrus that was in the ground will make it, and I only got down to 14 degrees. Things in pots do not do well in cold temperatures. The ground gives them much better protection.

But the advantage of pots is you can move them into an attached garage and they should make it. My single car garage is filled with potted fruit trees and they appear to be ok. Even in a shed with just a space heater would probably protect them. Been hard on everyone in Texas. But the center portion, from Dallas through San Antonio, got hit the hardest.

I wouldn’t cut anything back. Just wait and see on the loquat and figs.