How many lady bugs does it take?

The last two years I have worked hard to prevent aphid damage to my young fruit trees. The trees are getting bigger now so I’m going to see how well the ladies handle the aphids at least on my larger plants. This morning I noticed a leaf heavily infested on my Southern Home and I decided to wait awhile before removing them. At noon one LB showed up and I was thinking she needed to invite the whole family to dinner. About 6pm There was two LB and they looked stuffed and didn’t want any desert. Hoping for more tomorrow.
lady bug - aphid


Ladybug control of aphids is very complex. It depends more on how many ladybugs your neighbors have released, rather than how many you release, since most of yours head to the neighbors. It also depends on how many ladybugs overwintered and how well they reproduce in your area year-to-year.

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I could put a few more to work righ now. I don’t release any but late in the season they are everywhere.

Thankfully I haven’t noticed any trouble with aphids this year…not sure why as they have been a constant nuisance in years past, specifically the wooly aphids. Did get a few pics of some lady bugs on my peach seedling this weekend…must be some food source there for them, otherwise I guess they wouldn’t be there…

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Are you releasing the larval form or adults? The immatures eat far more than the adults. The larva also can’t fly away on you if they think your neighbor’s bush looks more attractive.

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