How much cold can baby figs take?

I have two figs planted in pots in my house. One has 5 small figs growing. They both have spider mites on the leaves and mealy bugs on the stems. I need to take them outside to give them a good spraying, with soapy water or some weak insecticide. Then I hope to put them in my unheated greenhouse. If I still get some frosty mornings it could get rather cold in the greenhouse, but I would not leave them there to freeze. So, will the small figs be damaged by the cold? Could they fall off?

Perhaps down to 30F would be OK. To be safe I would not leave them out if the forecast goes below 32F.

I’ve read that temperature fluctuations can cause those breba figs to drop. About 90% of mine drop. That would be in my greenhouse. Guess I’d say don’t get your hopes up. Scott already covered the freeze danger.

I wasn’t going to let them go below freezing. But I was wondering if even 40F might be too cold.

My breba have mostly fallen off lately with lows in 40s. I’m not sure if warmer nights would help.

Could it depend on the type of fig and the amount of difference from what they are currently conditioned to having?

Breba figs, those on last yrs wood, just fall off IME. Main crop stick like glue. But even in my greenhouse I haven’t seen main crop yet.

The plant with figs is a hardy Chicago. And I have a LSU Purple. The little figs are growing on new wood, and it looks like there are more forming and some on the other plant. They are in a warm room with my little geckos, poison dart frogs and feeder insects, which is why I can’t just start spraying insecticide. I had frost last night and will be more for a few days. So I am keeping them inside for a few weeks longer. Thanks for the help, I wouldn’t want them to drop off.