How much damage did I do?

Training this 2nd leaf peach tree with twine and stakes. Cracked this 1 inch branch a bit. The crack doesn’t seem deep. I assume it will heal over easily enough?

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You grew a wishbone. One of those limbs should probably go, IMO. Maybe someone else thinks different.


Are you suggesting that because of the crack or as a general practice?

It’s right at the crotch, it’ll always be a weak point.

At the least, you should tie those two branches together to reduce strain on the crack while it tries to heal


Provide a picture of the entire tree.

The cracked branch is directly on the back side of the tree from this angle.

Here’s a close up of the branch structure from the trunk. Working on 3 main scaffolds.

Second year orchard for me. Open to all feedback

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It MIGHT not be necessary to prune the broken branch off, but there’s not much need to take the chance now. You have good growth in many directions, just a couple of inches up. I’d rather start off with structurally sound branches. You want those things to load with peaches and not crack off.
I say make a neat cut as close as you can to the cracked fork and work from there.
Sorry for the setback

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It is already splitting without a fruit load. You could wire them together, but it is young enough to just prune and tie into shape.

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Thanks for the advice all. I chose the strongest one and cut the other. Here’s the final product. I attempted the skill cult method. This is my first training attempt. I think I’m happy?! Haha