How much fruit do you eat in a week?

Kind of shocked to learn most people don’t eat much fruit. Why is that? Is it because of the skills necessary to produce the fruit? Cost? Are there health concerns? We eat at Least 10-30 pounds of fruit per week per person depending on the time of year. We eat vegetables in a similar way. I know some of you count your watermelon, tomatoes, and cantaloupe as something else but those are in my fruit category. Some of my pears are viewed like potatoes for my family. I grow 5 improved Kieffers which put food on the table and after cloves and nutmeg etc are added are pretty good for canning. Blackberries to us are winter staples that keep us healthy and we eat a bag of those frozen berries per week in the winter.


Wow. Thats a lot per person. Or at least it seems like it. I eat some type of fruit every day but since my orchard is young and hasn’t produced much. Part of the reason I don’t eat as much is because of the quality of grocery store fruit I have available to me. I only buy what looks ripe, healthy, and fresh. If something is in season I take advantage of that. Last month we ate a lot of sweet cherries. This month we’ve eaten a lot of peaches and pluots. Come september we’ll be eating a lot of pears and apples. If you buy what is in season it’s a lot more economical. In season sweet cherries have been $1.99/lb here. I’ve been eating some really good peaches and nects recently that have been on sale for $.99/lb.


I could eat two ponds a day easily. When I was a child my mother called me “codling moth” :grinning:. But for people who is trying to watch body weight(like me now) it is a no-no scenario :unamused:
Fruit contain so much sugar, that despite all other health benefits they have to be consumed with precaution. Like a pound a day :grinning: .

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Speedster & Galinas,
Glad to hear we are not the only ones that like to eat large amounts of fruit! A cantaloupe alone can weigh a lot and if I grow them I probably eat 1 in a day when they are ripe. That’s one day then I eat the next ripe ones 2 weeks later. Coddling moth lol that is a good nickname! Speedster we eat fruits by season also. We eat blueberries and cherries until we are tired of them and so far we have always ran out of fruit before we ran out of desire to eat them. I think some people practically live on blueberries and saskatoons where they grow well.

As much as my digestive system will allow!

My idea here is to use solely the produce of the garden and orchard, no fruits and vegetables from the store until the season is over and stuff in storage is gone

But if I want like watermelon or blueberries, that I don’t grow, I do buy them

Sometimes I get tired of even my favorite fruits - I don’t really want to see another apricot for a while

Hmm, I never thought you could get overweight from fruit, it has a lot of sugar but also has plenty of other things. I have recently been switching my diet to relatively more fruits and veggies and less grain/meat/dairy and have been losing weight.

PS Curiosity made me look up this table:

It looks like fruits are on average 10% sugar by weight. The site also has a veggies table and those are more like 3% sugar on average.

Maybe one piece of fruit a day, unless you consider pomme de terre - but I am not a big eater, never have been.

That’s those wimpy East coast fruits. I can only eat half as much.

Seriously fruit can cause one to gain weight. Even a lb of 14 brix watermelon is a lot of sugar.

I probably eat a half lb of fresh fruit a day if one excludes watermelon.

An apple can weigh close to a pound. We eat one a day each, Ma has a banana every day and I have juice and a few blueberries, tomatoes and avocados (do they count?), cherries in season, sometimes peaches, which right now are great! And we make a point of getting broccoli and spinach each twice a week, lettuce and kale as it suits us, green beans on occasion. Peas during the winter (with meatloaf and mashed potatoes usually); we each potatoes very often, almost daily. We’ll be eating our pears in a few weeks. We eat fresh apricots rarely but make jam with them. We’ll eat fresh prune plums in a few weeks too. Raspberries are a real favorite, but pretty pricey if you don’t have an inside track.

I concur that sugar is an issue. I used to eat 4lbs/day in summer and Fall, and half as much the rest of the year. That is too much sugar, and I only intake some honey other than that. Specially considering the large fraction of apples which have high BRIX.

I have studied the problem, and figured that I was still needing the enzymes and the potassium (as well as the vitamins). I have been able to half the intake by increasing consumption of root crops (not potatoes), beans (I have figured ways to cook them so that they are very light to my system), and sprouts (every day during the cold season). Over time I want to make seaberry jam (no sugar), which is 1% vitamin C.

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interesting this post.

I’m on a diet since April and I lost 23 kilos in four months … diet doctor (nutritionist) put me, supports only eat fruit to food to midday.

Fruit contains a lot of sugar and fat, it is very important to eat fruit that has many vitamins but you have to eat at times that our bodies can metabolize (can burn it or delete it), I eat fruit at breakfast (juice orange) mid-morning as a fruit (usually apples) and food at noon as watermelon (has a lot of water helps eliminate toxins).

at night we never eat fruit, because at that time no longer work and just slept and then our body slows down and does not eliminate the sugar and this accumulates in our belly.

at night you have to eat proteins (vegetable, chicken, turkey, white fish) and no carbohydrates or fruit, all this must accompany exercise in the gym

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Especially for those who are diabetic. They would need to watch/measure the portion of fruit they eat so they don’t take in too much sugar/carbs.

My problem is I tend to eat much larger portions of fruit than I should. Those excessive carbs will make anyone gain weight.

I don’t know how much fruit I eat per week. It’s not even close to 30 lbs, even though that would only come out to just over 4 lbs/day. I’m sure I don’t even eat 30 lbs. of food per week, especially in the summer. I’m a nibbler - a peach here, a few figs there, cherry tomatoes as I walk past them, a few grapes off the vine while I’m watering, a small handful of blueberries when I’m in the kitchen. That’s about all I eat until evening meal this time of year. Then I might eat 1/2 a sweet potato with butter, 1/4 chicken breast, some rice and cooked summer veggies.

I do drink a couple of servings of coconut water mixed with o.j. during the day, if that counts as eating fruit. My biggest challenge is staying hydrated in the summer. I think fruit helps with that. Both my activity levels and appetite are low during summer.

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Our diet is mostly whole foods and we prefer the ones we raise ourselves. One thing I noticed is nutrition of food determines how much I eat of anything. The nutrition of Spinach is the most noticable. I raised some spinach in a bed that I double dug and tilled in chicken manure, cow manure and compost. The spinach I raised in that bed a year later taisted very rich with an almost nut like flavor. I ate a handful of that spinach and was full feeling energized and very good. Confused by that I asked my family try it and they had the same results. Kieffer pears are low in sugar so perhaps that’s why we eat more of those. I will watch the sugars because based on all these comments sounds like they could be a problem I want to avoid. I don’t have any sugar related illnesses or problems and always figured the good stuff in fruit outweighed the bad. Thanks for all the excellent tips and comments.

This varies a lot–maybe on avg 3-5lbs a week. I would imagine i eat the most in apples a year, followed by bananas.

We just eat whatever, except we don’t eat fast food. Cheese and butter on everything :slight_smile: EVERYTHING.

I weigh the same today as i did in 1995…so my body seems to know where it wants to stay.

My weakness is dark chocolate. My God that stuff is addicting.


Choclate is a pod on the tree let’s call it fruit and put it in that category! :smile:


I’m horrible. What i have to do is just not buy it… It’s the same thing for other sweets…if it’s not in the house, i can’t eat it.

We bought 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s a few days ago. Not sure they even made it home. I think one was cherry garcia and the other was cheesecake something or another…i think it had fudge in it… :smiling_imp:

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I just ate lunch, with beans, eggs, a small onion in the beans, a bowl of cutting chicory, and a couple of grated turnips (olive oil, salt and vinegar on everything). This is the type of lunch that makes me forego fruits easily. Otherwise I have to finish with one or more fruits.

You just upped the fruit intake for many of us.

Oh, yeah! Dark dark dark chocolate is divine. Fortunately for me, just a little is very satisfying. Otherwise, I’d be much larger. :blush:

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You also run. That explains a lot. I’ve weighed 150-60 since 1962.