How much light do my potted apple grafts need?

2 weeks ago I potted some bud9 rootstock. I didnt grafts it at the time as I was waiting for the buds to swell. They have been sitting outside ever since. Some days they get sun, lately they’ve gotten rain and they’ve seen temps down to near freezing. Temps have been warm all week and the suns been hitting them for 2 days. The buds have swollen on the rootstock so I decided to graft them today. I tried whip and tongue grafting a few and also used a saddle grafting tool for the others. It worked very well.

So now what should I do with them? Can they handle the same type of environment that my bare rootstock did? Or do they need to be sheltered until they take? Can they handle direct sunlight? Or night temps down in the 40’s?